Monday, March 21, 2011

3-21-11: the real stories are unreported and the easy stuff that doesn't matter as much rises to the top

This is the best daily round up of news in the area. WGXC doesn't seem to have a feed I can put into my local blogs list on this page but if they did, it would be top of the list naturally through regular updating.

The Taghkanic board condemned the "jewed him down" comment. This story was on the first day I started blogging and I don't think it's the biggest story in even the little town of Taghkanic: the supervisor's justification on the night in question and her relationship to others in the board of supervisors is more important. Still, technically, this "jewed" comment is the story... although it is not a comprehensive review of the assessment data for the town which I suspect is worth someone's time. Maybe mine.

Hudson pride announcement.

Google says the Columbia County board of Realtors re-wrote this page.

Find a record and I'll post it.

More old postcards.

My superficial thought is that something good is brewing in terms of Hudson development but I may be wrong... still we need development downtown.

Grew up in Valatie. Passed away.

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