Sunday, March 20, 2011

3-11-20: farm conference, sunshine week shadows

I went to the Farm Forum at the Stuyvesant town hall yesterday. Very important to get the agriculture economy rolling fast enough to pick up steam and roll over the suburbanization/sprawl economy.

Nice turn out. Some good ideas and information. Some belly-aching and grandstanding. I might have been guilty of some of that too! Go to a meeting and shut up, that was my plan but it didn't pan out! I yapped away! And a nice little zinger in there for me from one of my opponents that on one else understood.

Anyone else write this event up yet? I have the audio I have to edit and post.

I'm still troubled by the Register Star's "Sunshine Week." I sent them some pretty dramatic FOILs that clearly show how important citizen action and sunshine laws are, direct savings for the taxpayers, and they passed on the story, didn't even get back to me.

Strange, for Sunshine Week.

Hudson school board elections! Get into it.

Frogs came out. That is, WAKE UP NIGHT. Here is a discussion of the past four years of frog activity and how it might be important and how you can help track this data.

Drug bust.

Young Republican dinner. Gearing up for Fall election in this county. Support small business: good idea. Just ask me!

Sam Pratt on the cement factory. I hear it's pretty bad over there by the plant in terms of disease... so probably a good thing.

The unending supply of old postcards on ebay.

Stuyvesant board denies Martin Roby the right to see the assessment data as described in the public notices. Let's see what happens with this. Emails to come to prove this.

Baby steps in the right direction of consolidation of redundant and substandard services.

Right now, I'm on the governor's side.

My hearing is in a week. Here is my appeal to come.

Big tree down. Trees down and be a VERY big deal.

Someone want to sign in and see what kind of signal trouble we have in Columbia County?

Chef job in Valatie.

No waste transfer in Ghent.

Israeli trio, classical music, coming to New Lebanon.

Why does the New York Bridge Authority need a Facebook page?

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