Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3-1-11: anti-semitic slur, anti-islam vandalism, underage drinking, official corruption, and the trolley is out of business: March definitely came in like a lion in Columbia County

The Register Star has a couple of stories I think are interesting. We read about the bookkeeper for Greenpoint and Kinderhook going to jail here. This case shows what happens when someone in government takes ethics and corruption allegations seriously, which is usually not what happens in Columbia County. This case shows why Columbia County need TERM LIMITS. A change in government is healthy once in awhile and doesn't happen enough in Columbia County. 

In terms of potential problems ongoing in other towns that are being ignored, I might refer you to this post I wrote a few weeks ago.

I noted this, quote from the DA:

“This case was a tremendous amount of work,” said Cozzolino afterwards, adding that the case’s disposition wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Kinderhook Supervisor Patrick Grattan, Greenport Supervisor Edward Nabozny, State Police Sr. Inv. Gary Mazzacano and the state Comptroller’s Office.

State Comptroller's Office, hun?

The next story in the Register Star that I checked out was about under age Hudson drinking sting in December. I read about this first in the12354.com here although I might have heard some rumors before I read the article.

Here's something: I have noticed that my comments never get posted at the Register Star. So I tried to leave one on this sting, which I think is an abomination, personally. I submitted this:

"I think this sting was ridiculous. If a teenager has a drink in a bar on Warren Street they are more than likely going to learn to drink responsibly. It's the teenager drinking in private you should worry about. This sting will have zero effect on underage drinking and a contribute to an irrational approach to alcohol that is completely counterproductive."

Let's see if they run that. You write a comment in too and see if they run yours. Let's see what's up with the Register Star comments operation.

WGXC (congrats on the strong signal and I'm proud to be a supporter and donor) runs a story on someone defacing a mosque in Hudson. This is a great new news source and I'm excited about the radio station, at a time when I never listen to broadcast radio anymore (all podcast).

A busy day at WGXC, with stories on traffic safety and a rally in Albany.

Everyone notes the last run of the Hudson trolley.

The Columbia Paper has the story of Art Griffith using an anti-semetic slur. He's the highway superintendent in Taghkanic. The Taghkanic supervisor Betty Young justified the slur by saying he's known Griffith for many years, but I can't see what that has to do with it.

The thing is, Griffith refused to apologize. He said something about "jewed the price down." Now, I might say someone got gyped and not realized I just slurred Gypsies. But if someone pointed it out, I would apologize. Maybe in another place and time "jew" the price is like "gyp." Still, when someone calls you on it, you should apologize.

Columbia County has to be the state capital of apologies, demanded apologies and hanging apologies. Here is Ron Knott of Stuyvesant asking Martin Roby to apologize... for finding mistakes in the town assessment rolls.

Hey, the Daily News blog picked up this story.

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