Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3-22-11: blogs spread the local news in comprehensible form, bankrupcy in Claverack? hope not, end of Claverack police.

Here is an article about that Farm forum I went to on Saturday. "Chittenden, a Stuyvesant Town Board member, said as many as 20 other agricultural businesses depend on him for inputs like raw milk, hay and feed, and even contract harvest or cropping services."

Why that quote? Well, I said something like that in a similar forum and I was hit with an increase in my assessment.

Speaking of assessment, another MUST READ (which I will read soon) by Sam Pratt on the Hudson deals.

I think this report deserves study. More people must do this! Go in there and look at the documents. Thank you Sam.

This (along with Sam's story) is why we need bloggers in the county.  Little Town Life makes sense of the story about the County Sherif moving to new digs in Hillsdale. Now I know why I care about that story: the Copake police will be redundant.

Chatham Village Police, Copake Police: most towns and villages do not have these forces, thank goodness. At some point, police was consolodated into a county wide force and the town forces went away, mostly. This was a good movement.

Why can't the same thing happen to the town assessor and the town judge and the town highway department? Obviously, these things need to go away too and the towns should be like community boards with very limited power.

That's what I see by reading Little Town Life. What I see by reading the Register Star article on the County Sherif opening in Hillsdale is .... not much.

And there there is this about 900 Columbia. Nice activism and news of said activism to boot.

Don't forget about my hearing next week. Come on over and see the dog show.

New roof on the community college. Taking bids.

I agree with this letter about the new Copake blog.

Claverack food market is bankrupt?

Walmart hours.

Accident on the Taconic parkway.

For more news go here.

Gibson against the intervention in Libya. I get the sense he searching for his voice and stance as a politician. I hope I get to speak to him tomorrow in Chatham. If I miss him there I suppose I can find him somewhere.

Puppies for sale in Philmont.

These meet ups in Copake seem to real.

Police and neighborhood look into crime. Valatie.

As I was writing this blog entry, Alan Chartock was writing about a sex scandal.

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