Friday, March 25, 2011

3-25-11: local corruption and new york state

New York State has a policy that citizen volunteers should help enforce ethics. New York State says ethics should be enforced locally. I'm in a hurry or I would heap on a bunch of links to prove this is New York State policy but I'm super busy today.

New York State has no agency or body with jurisdiction over town dealing with ethics violations prior to these violations becoming or absent evidence of crimes in all cases and even with evidence of crimes in some cases.

Again, I have a stack of letters showing this to be the case.

This structure allowed Stuyvesant to violate my constitutional rights because all of this is a bunch of bull. None of this works.

So either 1) this local enforcement and citizen volunteer thing has to work or 2) the state has to have an agency digging around in the corners of every one of the 1600 local governments in this state.

Of course, we don't need 1600 local governments. If we had 500, maybe a state agency would work. But no Federal Court can order New York State to reduce the number of jurisdictions.

I think they should make the citizen volunteer / local enforcement model work. Here's how: 1) punish those who fail to enforce locally (have state agencies focus on local enforcement); 2) mandate that ALL LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IN NEW YORK STATE post every financial and assessment data online.

I know it sounds radical but it is in fact the easiest, cheapest, and most effective solution to local government corruption at least in the medium term.

Like I said, I have a busy day.

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