Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5-31-11: catch up!

Big news for sports fans.


Hudson politics.

Corruption in government story up north.

Farmers markets.

This story is driving Stuyvesant residents crazy. The picture is unfair: that accident is no where near the place in the story and the accident had nothing to do with a rail crossing.


List of local museums.

Cover for the official history.

Lyme disease warnings.

Wrong Chatham.

Gibson Q&A.

Head shop.

Three car crash.

Local restaurants on Facebook.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

5-27-11: election stuff, house tour, twitter search engine is cool

Playing at Big Up.

"Small businesses are the job creators in our economy, and expensive paperwork requirements will take away from their ability to expand and ultimately begin hiring again," said Gibson, R-Kinderhook.

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/default/article/Gibson-tackles-reality-of-health-care-995804.php#ixzz1NYF00y7H

Corruption is worse than paperwork, speaking from my personal experience.

Budget talk in Hudson schools.

Welcome sign.

That's what Gibson said.

House tour East Chatham in the New York Times.

Traffic accident on 203.

Here's the bank building in Chatham.

Interesting blog.

County wide endorsements. Democrats. More explanation here.

And here are the GOP candidates.

We can do better article.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

5-26-11: links


War powers act. Good issue, congressman Gibson.

In Stuyvesant the issue of the million dollar town garage has re-emerged.

Hudson voter survey.

Hudson river event.

Fuzzy picture, election news.

Restaurants in Hudson story.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5-25-11: roosters sleep in, democrat wins in NY 26, goat is impossible

Kathy Hochul
Subject: We did it!
Date: May 24, 2011 11:00:57 PM EDT

NY-26 race.

Cats. Fundraiser for Animal Kind.

My cat had kittens. I'm bad. I thought she was too young. I'll take her to the vet as soon as she stops nursing.

We spend way too much on defense. We don't need it. We can't afford it. Stop.

And isn't this behavior in congress kind of anti-American? Israel is a foreign country with different interest. Ridiculous and embarassing.

Found dog.

Old, useless flood warning.

First County Court house, Claverack.

Waterfront development plan revealed.

Medina, my goat, is driving me crazy. And the rooster didn't crow and I was worried about the fox, so I went in the henhouse to check on them. He was still sleeping. 6 AM, lazy rooster slept in!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5-24-11: links

Salaries in Hudson schools.

More news as always.


Important waterfront/Hudson city documents here.

Don't move firewood out of the county. I think I get the rule better after seeing this.

Here is a Blue Attitude Purveyor, as captured on the porch.

Journalism / public relations major, recent grad and county resident, on the future.

Monday, May 23, 2011

5-23-11: voodoo, rule of law, homelessness, school budgets

On my other blog I detail the struggle between voodoo and science in Stuyvesant.

Also, my other blog has the story about the abuse of power by the Board of Supervisor's public safety committee.

Having covered the decline of the rule of law and rise of voodoo over there, on to other local news:

Commission to end homelessness report.

Update following Hudson ed vote.

Did you know that Rensselear has a historical society? Certainly has a lot of history, as the first upstate county to really get going.

Route 7 or 21? Not sure.

I don't like the Hail Columbia ad in Times Square. I think it's really stupid: not part of a real comprehensive strategy, targeted at any old schmuck wandering through Times Square, a waste of money... not how we will build tourism. It's a smoke screen for a failed government that has no effective strategy.

Look at that horse and those hills. It doesn't look like Columbia County to me and not that many people are into horses.

Cemetery records are cool.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

5-21-11: quick saturday blog

"Last year in Copake, N.Y., in 2010, a farmer shot half his herd before taking his own life. The farmer chose to shoot only the cows that needed milking apparently because he didn’t know who else would take care of them. George Beneke was that farmer’s veterinarian. Now retired, Beneke has dealt with many stressed dairy farmers in the region during his 41 years on the job. He was quick to point out that many emotional factors most likely led to the Copake farmer’s choice to take his life, but economic stress certainly played a part. Beneke had never seen anything like the conditions that have confronted the region’s dairy farmers in recent years."

Here's the article.

This makes my mouth water already.

What is this?

Philmont picture.

Friday, May 20, 2011

5-20-11: 2 burglars, big story on the other blog

Here I break a very big story. Potentially.

One burglar came in through the doggie door.

Another caught by video set up to record back yard birds.

I didn't even know there was a landowners association. Oh, wrong Columbia County. That's why.

Budgets shot down.

Vanderbilt House in Philmont. Peter Donohoe exhibiting there.

Lots of good stuff here.

Puff piece of McLaughlin.

Video of winery.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

5-19-11: alinski quote quite relevant

More on the school budget elections. More reaction, Times Union.

And this is always the first source on the Hudson Schools. Great blog.

If you quote Alinisky, you must be a bad American? Maybe not.

Talking about friction, I make a little over on my other blog today.

Every see the 1940s in color? It's quite interesting. Take a look, really.

Hudson needs a dog park.

Local author. Congrats on the NY Times coverage and the interesting sounding book.

Cemetery records.

Big up coming soon.


An architect designs a porch. Local. Cool house.

Stock photo isn't so great. I like this one. And this one, although this is woodsy, not farmland shot.

Some local history in a library in Pennsylvania if you are doing research.

Need a therapist?

List of public schools.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5-18-11: voters say no to a lot of schools (good for voters!), valerie bertram's email address?

On my other blog, I talk about Stuyvesant's possibly unethical use of a special prosecutor.

Here are more politicians announcing they are charging jobs.

Hudson's waterfront plan. Great piece. Minutes from Hudson meeting written on a computer, printed on a piece of paper, then scanned into a PDF.

Dramatic school board election in Hudson. I forgot to vote in my election. What! I just plain FORGOT! Yet, I'm glad they voted it down. Increase every year, and increases after previous increase (compounding interest kind of thing) means that over the past 10 years Ichabod Crain, for example, has increased its budget like 80% from where it was in 2001... or something like that. I heard this at a meeting and it may not be quite perfect but makes sense in principle: compounding increases mean the 4% this year has a more dramatic effect than  you might guess.

Don't forget to stop by here. More election results.

And here is all the rest of the news for the day.

Stupid ad in Times Square.  This is not a tourism strategy that makes any sense. Back to the drawing board. It won't work and if it did work it wouldn't work. Advertise to the people who will like it here as it is not present the county in an unrealistic way to people who won't get it.

This looks better to me.

And the County needs some vision to deal with this.

Phone tower in Copake.

Anthroposophists coming to town (they are here already of course).  Big Up, Anthropolophists, you should find something to do this summer.

Great photo from Kinderhook.

More election results here.

Need a library? Would be nice to have links to each site on this list. Like this sounds very cool.

Truck stuck in the wires. Wires must have been too low. I do see that from time to time. Why not put them underground?

Traffic accident on Route 66 near Chatham.

I think the county historian is a real, paid gig?

Columbia -- See also Columbia County Historical Society
Columbia County Historian
Mary J. Howell
490 County Route 10
Germantown, New York 12526
(518) 828-3442; (518) 828-2969 (fax)

Flood alert?

May 18, 2011 7:39:18 AM EDT 

Stuyvesant Foil Officer Melissa Naegeli,

I have not gotten a response to my viewing this information yet. Does the town have any objections to me seeing these records now that Mr. Freeman has publicly said I should be allowed to view them?

Regards, Martin Roby

Reporter & Tax Payer

ps: Deputy Supervisor Ron Knott & Other Town Board members I hope it is ok that I am emailing you; Supervisor Bertram has informed me that she no longer will be using the nyccap.rr.com for town or county business. I would assume it is a prelude to a resignation? Perhaps the county should remove her email from the county website as well?

Morris Memorial Youth Soccer

Registration is currently underway for the Morris Memorial’s youth recreational soccer program. The Morris Memorial Youth Soccer League is an instructional recreation program designed to provide interested youth in grades pre-K through eight an opportunity to play soccer. Games, which begin Sept. 11 and run through October are held on Sunday afternoons at Crellin Park in Chatham. Registration fee is $45 if registered before July 15, $60 after. There is also a $15 multidiscount for families. To register visit www.chathamsoccerclub.com . For more information please call Michele Kraham at 518-392-4622.

Roe-Jan Boat Safety Class

A New York State-approved boat safety class will be held at Roe-Jan Creek Boat Club on May 21 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. There will be coffee and doughnuts at 8:30 a.m. and a lunch break from 1 to 1:30 p.m. during which time the club will serve hot dogs, coffee and soda. Participants are also welcome to bring their own lunch. Registration is required. Call Dick Wambaugh at 845-758-3117 for more information.

Greenport Pitch, Hit and Run Contest

An MLB Pitch, hit and Run Contest will be held today at 5 p.m. at the Greenport Town Park Softball Field.

The competition is open to boys and girls age 7–14 and all participants must provide a copy of a valid birth certificate. Children can register at the Hudson Department of Youth Office located at 18 South 3rd Street, Hudson. No metal-spiked cleats are allowed during any portion of the competition.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5-17-11: school budget comparisons, road issues in copake, resolutions at county board meetings

School budgets. Great chart. Must see.

Literary event in Hudson. This is good. All Lit Up.

Party in Germantown. "Every spring, Joan K. Davidson gives a wonderful Shad Party at Midwood, her fabulous home on the Hudson River in Germantown, Columbia County."

Look: this is something that was in the board resolutions. Good thing they got online eventually! Not without some prodding, however.

Like the Columbia Land Conservancy? I do. And the Farmland Trust.

And speaking of farming: here is the 2010 report from the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia County. Too much good stuff in there to summarize.

Tourist maps online.

Body in the Hudson River.

Too much defense spending.

Local races: judge and district attorney. Update.

Need a 3 million dollar horse farm?

Copake Falls photo. Biking in Copake.

Tourism site. Any good?

Fishing report. Looks okay.

Here is a discussion that should happen BEFORE the board votes. Let's get the resolutions online before the meeting next month. And the resolutions should be easier to sort through, by name, not by number.

Here are the resolutions on the county site:

Here they are again on wikicoco.com:

I should tag them better and organize them... or someone else is more than welcome to work on it. Wikicoco is like wikipedia: anyone can jump in and do whatever they want.

From: Reggie Crowley [mailto:reggiecrowley1953@msn.com]
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011 9:50 AM
Subject: RE: Copake BOS resolutions - questions

Resolution 177-2011, Walkers Mills - This was a typo in the resolution. It's actually in the Town of Livingston. It is being corrected by the County Attorney
Resolution 175-2011 is the Highway portion of the Copake project
Resolution 176-2011 is the bridge portion of the project
To secure the federal & State grants the bridge and the highway are viewed as 2 separate projects.

When the grant was awarded 4 or 5 years ago it was based on "preliminary" figures, as the county had no approved bids at the time, only prliminary figures.
Once the County got bids and awarded them, then the grant was adjusted to reflect the actual cost of the project.
There was no extra construction costs per say from the original design.
This is simply the way that these grants are handled. It is done for all municipal projects.

Hope this answers your questions

Monday, May 16, 2011

5-16-11: flying deer video, photo poll

The move to the old Walmart according to William Hughes.

Rule of law is suspended in Stuyvesant Town government.

Copake has a board of ethics.

Copyright free music at the library of congress.

These Hudson replica coins won't stop.

Accident on the Taconic Parkway.

An eye for an eye.

We're in the money!

Graduates from Kinderhook.

Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm before 3pm, then scattered showers and thunderstorms after 3pm. Patchy fog before 2pm. Otherwise, cloudy, with a high near 57. Northeast wind between 5 and 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Our neighbor.

Need a job? Try the Australian outback. Or North Dakota.

Frost dates.

Here is some video from this Saturday's fantastic Flying Deer fundraiser. I didn't get all of the event- when the music got going, I was dancing, not video-ing. And the speeches were fantastic. Great Columbia County organization.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

5-15-11: more coming... check in tomorrow

Photo Contest:

I will post the photos for our contest in a little bit, today.


I have videos of various events that I hope to post tomorrow.

Breaking News:

More official misconduct! Report tomorrow.

Resolutions online issue:

"NYSDOT records show the Walkers Mill Road/Klein Kill project is taking place 2 miles south of Lithlingo, not Copake."

This refers to:

I'm glad we found that typo in the resolution. Unfortunately, it's already been passed by the Columbia County Board of Supervisors.

For some time, a couple of us, really very few, have been pushing for these resolutions to be online for just this reason: to let the public look them over before the supervisors vote. I found the resolutions, I forwarded them to Susan, she posted them here, and Linda found a typo. That's the power of the crowd, a small crowd.

Next time, we might find a bigger problem. The public should and can have a roll in oversight. Plus, are these resolutions secret?

So, if you might, please consider emailing the county officials to encourage them to always put the resolutions online before they vote.

And thank you Susan for your concern about this project and making sure we don't miss out on funding for environmentally friendly development and road construction, assuming I understand the issue. Copake could be a biking destination, for example.

Here are the people I emailed about the resolutions.




Saturday, May 14, 2011

5-14-11: walmart train wreck in progress, no sign of sunshine

Weapons and assault charges, 9 year old boy, Athens, hospital in Hudson.

The judge is running for DA and the DA is running for judge.

School elections. Luckily, Hudson has unmuffled.

Vote on your school budgets. All the info here.

The court house building in Hudson. Renovations.

And this is brilliant, also on the subject of the court house.

Summer jobs. Call your supervisor.

Buying the county a Walmart.

"This is a joke right? The County is buying another piece of property for offices? So we are supposed to forget the Supervisors mistake with Ockawamick and trust that they will not do the same thing again. Supervisors Grattan and Hughes are the only sane members of the Board. Roy Brown is from another planet! The county will own more property than Donald Trump."

The county can't even put the resolution to buy the thing online for public inspection so we are not likely to be able to watch this train wreck in progress.

How about a little sunshine on this mess?

Wait! I emailed about the resolutions, then they went up on the website but no one emailed me to say anything.

Here, this is the one about the walmart.

Philmont farmers market. Hudson farmers market.


And this is way interesting.

This is in the paper all the time.

And speaking of sunshine, here is my sound report discussed on my other blog.

Related story (different version of DA/Judge swap).

Gibson (our congressman) gets some stuff into the defense bill.

Lightening strikes church story is old but still shows up in google alerts.

Should these be so public?

Art feature. Very cool.

Who does this inspire and with what feelings opinions and emotions?

"The Register Star Online > News > Lull seeks top post
Maria Lull, Town councilwoman for the town of Chatham, has announced her candidacy for the position of Chatham town supervisor. ..."

And what does the CCBOS want to do with this land?


Stuyvesant Public Hearing
May 23, 2011: 7 p.m.
Stuyvesant Town Hall
5 Sunset Drive
Stuyvesant, NY 12173

Town of Stuyvesant Planning Board holds a Public Hearing to hear all interested parties and residents of the Town of Stuyvesant regarding the application Albany Engineering Corp, County Route 25, located in the Town of Stuyvesant, NY for a minor subdivision; and regarding the application of Roberta & Wayne Austin, County Route 46, located in the Town of Stuyvesant, NY for a minor subdivision; and regarding the application of Tom Gersch for the estate of David Bult 255 Ridge Road, located in the Town of Stuyvesant, NY for a minor subdivision; and regarding to application of Therese Kornbluh, 401 Ridge Road, located in the Town of Stuyvesant, NY for a minor subdivision.

AMOUNT $ 27,083.90 $ 29,037.41 $ 29,135.78 $ 73,979.71 $ 6,258.59 $ 43,958.04 $ 6,108.07 $ 19,272.17 $ 49,814.94 $ 18,124.69 $ 23,400.91 $ 43,694.51 $ 7,054.05 $ 45,358.79 $ 32,030.56 $ 41,641.56 $ 76,485.80 $ 14,246.36 $ 10,305.88 $ 25,697.70 $ 24,418.77 $ 16,540.90 $ 20,552.57 $ 18,190.35 $ 702,392.01; and be it further

Friday, May 13, 2011

5-13-11: friday the 13th

Blogger didn't work and my van overheated and left me by the side of the road. No blog entry today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5-12-11: where are the resolutions, new lebanon audit story continues, bike paths, foreclosures, math jokes, infinity

Didn't the Columbia County Board of Supervisors say they would post their resolutions online? I don't see the May resolutions. Didn't they just meet and vote? Are we supposed to see them before or after they vote?

Remember this report from the Comptroller's office? Colleen Teal, New Lebanon Town Clerk, says there are errors in it and she called the Comptroller's Office and they pulled the report for review.  Alert: New Lebanon situation is DEVELOPING. No conclusions yet.

By the way, so far in my investigations, I would like to thannk Colleen Teal, Clerk in New Lebanon and Cheryl E. Rogers, Town of Taghkanic Clerk. Both of these clerks
have been very good about getting information out to the public an engaging in dialogue and not trying to stall and deny information, in my experience. Thank you.

I will be issuing a more comprehensive report comparing town governments soon. Not everyone is as good as Ms. Teal and Ms. Rogers. This has nothing to do with the quality of the information, only openness and willingness to help get information out quickly and efficiently.

Boy, this law is so stupid... it's embarrassing. Like, say, the chicken law from Stuyvesant or a planning board or fancy lawyer that can't do simple algebra.

Hudson schools don't do well on the tests, and FLYING DEER! LISTEN!

Meetings tonight: Copake. Get going on that bike path. Make COPAKE THE BIKE CAPITAL of UPSTATE NEW YORK. TONIGHT!!!!!

Also, Stuyvesant is tonight. Stuyvesant is gunning for the Stupid Capital of New York.

Not that many foreclosures in Columbia County. But if you are in trouble:

Goal for the evening- provide attendees with a basis to prevent foreclosure through knowledge, planning and action

6pm Wed. May 18, 2011
St. Mary's Academy
301 Allen St.
(corner of 3rd St. and Allen St.)
Hudson, NY 12534

Banality of evil doers part 2.

This guy is an awesome photographer.

No doubt about it, Florida banned all sexual activity.

Republicans in Western New York have to get their story straight.

Chance to get into an historic house.

Don't forget Big Up.

Dandelion lunch in New Lebanon. I mean, eat dandelions.

List of historic markers in the county.

Typographic map.

Need a pet squirrel?

Here is the cool house in Claverack again.

This article has the world Kinderhook in it.

From the onion and xkcd.com

But this one is now false: I just googled "strip by mail chess" and started a game of it. If I loose by the end of the month I may have to remove my socks, if I am still wearing socks at that time. 

So infinity comes in many sizes. There is an infinity between 0 and 0.1 for example. If you added up all the numbers between 0 and 1:

.99999999 + .99999998 + .9999997 + .99999999999999999999 + .9999

It's going to be huge.

And there are more irrational numbers (Pi, square root of 2, etc.) than rational (1/2, 5, 4 million) just as there is more black space than stars although both are sort of infinite.

So is there a number BETWEEN the number of irrational and rational numbers, a medium sized infinity? Yes and no. I mean, we have proofs that show yes and that show no.

It's true and not true. There is and there isn't. Anyway, who cares, it's not a math question.

"So is there a number BETWEEN the number of irrational and rational numbers, a medium sized infinity?"

Not a math question?

5-11-11: bike path issue! I love bike paths!

Caught in the act!

Little Town Life, the facebook page.

Triathalon: sign up?

Sex offender's registry? I thought they already had that.

This story can't wait for me to figure it out!


As we speak, phone calls, emails and outreach is happening to try to do whatever it takes to get a pedestrian/and or bike path into the new Brown's Dam/County Route 7a rehabilitation projects.

WE NEED EVERYONES HELP! PLEASE ATTEND the Town Board meeting on Thursday
at 7:30 pm.

If you have engineering or architect background and can help, please
email me at karendiperi@gmail.com, or call 518-329-0890 (email

If you are the leader of a civic organization, please gather any and all
support and write a letter on behalf of your organization...there is
strength in numbers!

Please act now, write the letters folks the emails are below.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5-10-11: high speed rail, freedom of information, hudson library

Over at my other blog I write up last night's meeting with Robert Freeman.

Leaving the library building and the library moving to a new building in Hudson. Its a beautiful important building and very well planned lay out of the city of Hudson. However, the library can't afford to maintain the building.

A sad situation that cannot be helped.

What happened at this public meeting? Live tweets here. Hudson schools.

FLYING DEER!: This verifies your registration for Flying Deer Nature Center Benefit Celebration, which NYCharities.org is processing on your
behalf. Please note that your credit card statement will show a debit of
$102.00 paid through the NYCharities.org merchant account.

Includes great dinner, music and childcare. It's a bargain!

Will be fun. Great cause!

Hudson Fire Parade.

High speed rail yes. Maybe no? Where was that piece comparing high speed rail to the government subsidies of the transcontinental railroad in the 19th century?

Anyway, if there were a high speed rail stop in Hudson, it would radically change Hudson and the county and the governments of the county should be prepared in advance with sprawl control, parking, development plans for the area around the Hudson station, maybe shuttle buses. If it stops in Hudson.

Gibson aide eyeing supervisor race.

New church in Kinderhook.

Town clock returns to Copake.

I want to fully and completely cover the issues of County Route 7a and Mountain View Road. It seems important and thank you for sending me the info. Sorry for delay!

Monday, May 9, 2011

5-9-11: wgxc link, photo contest, freeman in stuyvesant tonight

For news on Holcim fines, closing Old Chatham Post Office, and school budget cuts, try this link. WGXC news site: also weather, tides, audio files.

Photo contest entries 1, 2, 3, 4.

Want to join the contest?
wikicoco.com photo contest for May, 2011 / $200 prize
wikicoco.com, the wikipedia of Columbia County
Information, opinion, files, photos, and everything Columbia County: join in and make it yours
Breathtaking views of Columbia County. Round one: Sharptown Road, Stuyvesant. Best shot of the views across the river to the mountains or of rolling hills wins $200. Voting on wikicoco.com starting May 15.
Submit entries to:
Include contact info and time and location of photo.
Also, upload photos to the files section of wikicoco.com (click FILES link).

This is banal. Sam Pratt.

Morris Associates is still getting panned.

Broadband mapping survey.

This is meant to be done from your home. If you do not have access to the internet, and want to report that you do NOT have any service, you can contact Nancy, at the Columbia Hudson Partnership (NCostine@chpartnership.com or 518-828-4718) and she can help share with you how to respond to the survey to note that you do NOT have service.

Wonder what's on this disc.

This was scary for the kids in the woods.

Need a monkey?

Another place to stay.

B&B in Kinderhook.

Tonight in Stuyvesant: Robert Freeman, committee on open government

My take:


Saturday, May 7, 2011

5-7-11: czajka story twists, $200 prize in photo contest

Hm? interesting development on the Judge Czajka story. Twist one.

Stuff to do. Nice calendar.

Sam Pratt, thanks. I think I get it a bit better now. Twist two.

This is a good blog.

Another coin on ebay.


Now, try wgxc: the rest of the news!

Photo contest:

wikicoco.com photo contest for May, 2011 / $200 prize

wikicoco.com, the wikipedia of Columbia County

Information, opinion, files, photos, and everything Columbia County: join in and make it yours

Breathtaking views of Columbia County. Round one: Sharptown Road, Stuyvesant. Best shot of the views across the river to the mountains or of rolling hills wins $200. Voting on wikicoco.com starting May 15.

Submit entries to:

Include contact info and time and location of photo.

Also, upload photos to the files section of wikicoco.com (click FILES link).

Friday, May 6, 2011

5-6-11: DA race, only one issue, public corruption

Judge Czajka to run for DA. Thanks for pointing out how big a story this is Victor.

However, the way I see it, Columbia County is not over run with street crime. The more pervasive and pernicious crime is happening in town halls. Yet the current DA has yet to charge a Republican with an crime in three terms as DA. Would Judge Czajka take public integrity and official misconduct seriously? Would he prosecute fellow Republicans if the evidence so warranted? Would he study the audits publicly available on the comptroller's website to consider whether such charges may be warranted? Would he insist on an active and functioning ethics board and take the recommendations of that board seriously?

Nothing about these issues in his public statement. No crime among public officials? None? Yet these audits are as bad as they are?

I am not saying there is anything criminal in these specific cases. Or in this case. Or in this case. Or in this case. Or in this case.

I'm not saying that the fact that this letter was ignored and that I got no response means that the Columbia County Board of Supervisors is tolerant of abuse of power, a situation that would allow corruption to fest. Or that these cases mean that the Ethics Board has not be operating according to state law:

In Columbia County, the Ethics Board did not respond to ethics charges against Deputy County Attorney Robert Fitzsimmons submitted in 2010 regarding election manipulation and conflict of interest. In 2011, Art Baer, Hillsdale Supervisor, wrote an opinion piece in a local newspaper about real estate irregularities that resulted in an Ethics Board process without Mr. Baer actually filing an official complaint about matter but no hearing ever occurred.

No, I can't say whether there is a pervasive tolerance of corruption and routine criminality in governments around the county. But then again, I don't have the power of subpoena.

At the very least, I would have thought Mr. Czajka might mention the issue of government ethics in his statement announcing his candidacy.

The State of New York has no system to control public integrity at the local level. The DA can make a big difference. The DA has to care about this because the state legislature has not cared for 20 years.

No idea if Mr. Czajka realizes how bad this problem is or care. By "this problem" I mean government corruption in Columbia County.

If he did mention this issues, public corruption, I would be happy he is running and his candidacy might not be just about the personnel and who gets to hold the job. In his statement to date, I see no issues, no politics, that make me care.

This is THE issue of the next DA race. THE ONE AND ONLY ISSUE that matters: public corruption. Will it continue to be tolerated or not?

Thanks again Victor for the story idea.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5-5-11: thank you weekenders, oliver north was from Columbia County?, voodoo charges dismissed for now

Cinco de Mayo. Hurray.

Florence Fabricant in The New York Times writes an article on Chatham Sheep Herding Company. I got this link from WGXC, first stop for Columbia County News.

Weekenders: thank you for choosing Columbia County for your elbow room needs.

"While the county now has 32,775 housing units, only 25,906 are occupied year-round. The remaining 6,869 unoccupied homes are either empty or are weekend or vacation residences. That’s an increase of more than 26 percent in this category of housing since the 2000 census count of 5,411. There were 3,419 weekend homes in 2000, while the 2010 numbers are not yet available."

Here is my article on systematic local ethics enforcement breakdown in New York State.

Fire parade.

"The Hudson Department of Fire will hold its "156th Annual Inspection & Parade" this weekend in the city. First held in 1856, the parade is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, annual fire department parades in the United States. The four companies of the Hudson Department of Fire along with ten guest companies will participate."

Nice website, Hudson Fire Department.

The Tin Boat Association suit goes to appeal.

Charges dismissed in one of my three case. One down, two to go.

Do Not Miss This Great Event! I will be there and it was a BALL last year and it is for a very good cause.

Early history, local. Cool website.

Speaking of local history, what is this?

Oliver North is from Columbia County? Yes. Grew up in Philmont. We can all be.. proud... that he didn't go into local politics.

Adam Sagendorf was 14 in 1860.

March On this Saturday... Marriage equality. Sat. May 7, 2011 from 7:00pm - 10:30pm

Here is a discussion of Ethics, but the state guys have to remember the Task Force (January 2011) recommendations about LOCAL ethics laws!

Watch live streaming video from nysendems at livestream.com

Monday, May 9th: FOIL & Open Meetings Law Public Info Session
Bob Freeman, NYS Committee on Open Government, will be at the Stuyvesant Town Hall on Monday, May 9th to hold a public information session regarding FOIL and Open Meetings Law. The session is open to the public and will be from 7pm – 9pm.

The KINDERHOOK DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE is accepting letters of interest for the following elective
positions in the November 2011 Town elections:
Kinderhook Town Supervisor (2-year term)
Kinderhook Town Board (2 positions, 4-year terms)
Kinderhook Town Clerk (4-year term)
Kinderhook Town Justice (4-year term)
Kinderhook Town Tax Collector (4-year term)
Letters of interest must be postmarked no later than May 22, 2011, and addressed to: Kinderhook
Democratic Committee, PO Box 566, Niverville, NY 12130

Public notice that 60-1-14.1 in Canaan will be for auction... I can't get the address for that parcel. Funny way they do these notices. I don't want to buy it but post it here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5-4-11: math and science versus voodoo tonight, main event, round one

Local 8 year old math wiz discovers previously unpublished way of representing that subset of finite numbers that can be described by holding a number constant but varying the number's base. He happens to be my boy!

Armored car turned over on 9H yesterday and the road was closed while they gathered the money back up.

"no one has EVER published the formula that you discovered" (Paul Zeitz, Professor, Mathematics Department, University of San Francisco)

Not that the idea is original, but the description of it is, and done without knowing about previous descriptions!

I'm going to court tonight to face a voodoo charge.

Gossips continues to follow the designation story.

Beautiful old barns.

Camphill Village FB.

Wind turbines incentive program.

Hey, thanks for the link WGXC and thanks for covering this important story.

Lightening strikes church. Good job responding Steve Montie and the Stuyvesant Fire Company.

Monday, May 9th: FOIL & Open Meetings Law Public Info Session
Bob Freeman, NYS Committee on Open Government, will be at the Stuyvesant Town Hall on Monday, May 9th to hold a public information session regarding FOIL and Open Meetings Law. The session is open to the public and will be from 7pm – 9pm.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5-3-11: burglar, video of ed scott, do pep rallies encourage reading?

Best news aggregator here. Read WGXC for news about a lawsuit, housing project, business confidence, and then come back here to this blog.


Grass fed beef.

Walk event.

Burglar. Copake Lake.

Pep rally for reading. Here is another link about it. Do these things actually encourage reading? I wish I could read a book.

Same guy?

Columbia County Capital Resource Corporation Board meeting, “to discuss the proposed acquisition, sale or lease of real property,” (presumably the Wal-Mart building in Greenport). Substance of meeting likely to be discussed in Executive Session. At 8:30 a.m. at 4303 Route 9, Greenport.

New Lebanon good teacher.

Cinco de Mayo.

Sam Pratt listens to AM right wing radio so you don't have to.

Albany inside baseball stuff

Lawlessness in Stuyvesant?

From: "Stuyvesant Firehouse" Date: May 2, 2011 8:37:27 PM EDT

To: stuyvesantforum@yahoogroups.com
Good for you Ed.. Steve

I didn't even mean to post the video publicly. People clamored for me to make it public.

Monday, May 2, 2011

5-2-11: bin laden dead? local news anyway

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Residency issue in Hudson.

O Baby.

Local animal activist takes on Memphis. This story covered locally around here? Big story in Memphis.

Change = savings. Cronies = abuse.

554 farms.

Race in Kinderhook.

Tuesday, May 3
9:30 am ‐ 12:30 pm
Columbia County/Hudson
325 Columbia Human Services Building Conference Room – 2nd Floor 325 Columbia Street
Hudson, NY 12534
New York State Board of Elections 2011 Campaign Finance Seminars