Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5-10-11: high speed rail, freedom of information, hudson library

Over at my other blog I write up last night's meeting with Robert Freeman.

Leaving the library building and the library moving to a new building in Hudson. Its a beautiful important building and very well planned lay out of the city of Hudson. However, the library can't afford to maintain the building.

A sad situation that cannot be helped.

What happened at this public meeting? Live tweets here. Hudson schools.

FLYING DEER!: This verifies your registration for Flying Deer Nature Center Benefit Celebration, which NYCharities.org is processing on your
behalf. Please note that your credit card statement will show a debit of
$102.00 paid through the NYCharities.org merchant account.

Includes great dinner, music and childcare. It's a bargain!

Will be fun. Great cause!

Hudson Fire Parade.

High speed rail yes. Maybe no? Where was that piece comparing high speed rail to the government subsidies of the transcontinental railroad in the 19th century?

Anyway, if there were a high speed rail stop in Hudson, it would radically change Hudson and the county and the governments of the county should be prepared in advance with sprawl control, parking, development plans for the area around the Hudson station, maybe shuttle buses. If it stops in Hudson.

Gibson aide eyeing supervisor race.

New church in Kinderhook.

Town clock returns to Copake.

I want to fully and completely cover the issues of County Route 7a and Mountain View Road. It seems important and thank you for sending me the info. Sorry for delay!

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