Thursday, May 19, 2011

5-19-11: alinski quote quite relevant

More on the school budget elections. More reaction, Times Union.

And this is always the first source on the Hudson Schools. Great blog.

If you quote Alinisky, you must be a bad American? Maybe not.

Talking about friction, I make a little over on my other blog today.

Every see the 1940s in color? It's quite interesting. Take a look, really.

Hudson needs a dog park.

Local author. Congrats on the NY Times coverage and the interesting sounding book.

Cemetery records.

Big up coming soon.


An architect designs a porch. Local. Cool house.

Stock photo isn't so great. I like this one. And this one, although this is woodsy, not farmland shot.

Some local history in a library in Pennsylvania if you are doing research.

Need a therapist?

List of public schools.

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