Saturday, May 7, 2011

5-7-11: czajka story twists, $200 prize in photo contest

Hm? interesting development on the Judge Czajka story. Twist one.

Stuff to do. Nice calendar.

Sam Pratt, thanks. I think I get it a bit better now. Twist two.

This is a good blog.

Another coin on ebay.


Now, try wgxc: the rest of the news!

Photo contest: photo contest for May, 2011 / $200 prize, the wikipedia of Columbia County

Information, opinion, files, photos, and everything Columbia County: join in and make it yours

Breathtaking views of Columbia County. Round one: Sharptown Road, Stuyvesant. Best shot of the views across the river to the mountains or of rolling hills wins $200. Voting on starting May 15.

Submit entries to:

Include contact info and time and location of photo.

Also, upload photos to the files section of (click FILES link).

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