Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5-25-11: roosters sleep in, democrat wins in NY 26, goat is impossible

Kathy Hochul
Subject: We did it!
Date: May 24, 2011 11:00:57 PM EDT

NY-26 race.

Cats. Fundraiser for Animal Kind.

My cat had kittens. I'm bad. I thought she was too young. I'll take her to the vet as soon as she stops nursing.

We spend way too much on defense. We don't need it. We can't afford it. Stop.

And isn't this behavior in congress kind of anti-American? Israel is a foreign country with different interest. Ridiculous and embarassing.

Found dog.

Old, useless flood warning.

First County Court house, Claverack.

Waterfront development plan revealed.

Medina, my goat, is driving me crazy. And the rooster didn't crow and I was worried about the fox, so I went in the henhouse to check on them. He was still sleeping. 6 AM, lazy rooster slept in!

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