Monday, May 23, 2011

5-23-11: voodoo, rule of law, homelessness, school budgets

On my other blog I detail the struggle between voodoo and science in Stuyvesant.

Also, my other blog has the story about the abuse of power by the Board of Supervisor's public safety committee.

Having covered the decline of the rule of law and rise of voodoo over there, on to other local news:

Commission to end homelessness report.

Update following Hudson ed vote.

Did you know that Rensselear has a historical society? Certainly has a lot of history, as the first upstate county to really get going.

Route 7 or 21? Not sure.

I don't like the Hail Columbia ad in Times Square. I think it's really stupid: not part of a real comprehensive strategy, targeted at any old schmuck wandering through Times Square, a waste of money... not how we will build tourism. It's a smoke screen for a failed government that has no effective strategy.

Look at that horse and those hills. It doesn't look like Columbia County to me and not that many people are into horses.

Cemetery records are cool.


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