Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5-4-11: math and science versus voodoo tonight, main event, round one

Local 8 year old math wiz discovers previously unpublished way of representing that subset of finite numbers that can be described by holding a number constant but varying the number's base. He happens to be my boy!

Armored car turned over on 9H yesterday and the road was closed while they gathered the money back up.

"no one has EVER published the formula that you discovered" (Paul Zeitz, Professor, Mathematics Department, University of San Francisco)

Not that the idea is original, but the description of it is, and done without knowing about previous descriptions!

I'm going to court tonight to face a voodoo charge.

Gossips continues to follow the designation story.

Beautiful old barns.

Camphill Village FB.

Wind turbines incentive program.

Hey, thanks for the link WGXC and thanks for covering this important story.

Lightening strikes church. Good job responding Steve Montie and the Stuyvesant Fire Company.

Monday, May 9th: FOIL & Open Meetings Law Public Info Session
Bob Freeman, NYS Committee on Open Government, will be at the Stuyvesant Town Hall on Monday, May 9th to hold a public information session regarding FOIL and Open Meetings Law. The session is open to the public and will be from 7pm – 9pm.

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