Sunday, March 13, 2011

3-13-11: insurance fraud?, last day for last cafe in town, resolution in part, not full as promised by the county, flooding, lights on and off

Too early to say the Kinderhook creek won't flood?

Here are the resolutions from last county meeting. Looking for the full text versions.

Like the county emergency management FB page?

Wait, here's a scandal. More evidence Columbia County government is broken.

Power back on in Copake. That took a long time again. Taghkanic still in state of emergency.

Advice: when something as horrible as what is happening in Japan transpires do not watch video clips of people in grief or listen to radio/audio of real people. You will know immediately by the tone of voice what the person is experiencing without translation and you should avoid that recognition at all costs. At least, this is what I do.

You can follow the news in written form and look at still photos of buildings.

The emotions released in the viewer help no one. The emotions triggered by video and audio can be powerful but they are fundamentally wrong.

My opinion.

Terry Chabot is closing her doors at the Riverview Cafe in Stuyvesant.

"It's time," she said,"but I'm so-o-o-o going to miss everyone! My husband and I want to retire while we are still energetic enough to enjoy our retirement."

So, pop in toda. Last day.

Greenport re-evaluation. Hold onto your wallets: these suckers are usually tax increases... or maybe always. The assessments in Columbia County need some serious attention. A fat mess.

This proposal for Hudson looks gorgeous to me. Something gets built downtown not ugly and I'm positively disposed.

Kinderhook artist with a show at the Banana Factory?

What is the real story with Quintin Cross? Seems like the controversy is about his sentencing, not the underlying conviction.

Why did he go to jail for stealing $16,000?

Tal Rappleyea continues to act as attorney to so many towns and the county after he helped himself to $10,000 from the town of Stuyvesant in 2009. There is no paperwork or logical answer to how the money got form the town bank account to Tal's pocket.

Why is that okay?

Why is Valerie Bertram chair of the Ethics Board? Am I missing something: is this not unfair? Do only some politicians get charged, the opposition, so to speak? Just asking... and asking... and asking...


Oh, we have an election in Philmont village. I know nothing about this! Damn!

Old postcard of the day.

29 year old grandmother (in the UK, not local!).

Very exciting business delivering local produce locally. Fantastic website. Nice interview.

I'm in the public notices! Why? What did I do? Please come. It's politically motivated bull trying to intimidate me from exercising my constitutional rights... and it's not working.

Really, you want to see if Columbia County is corrupt or not? Come to my "hearing."

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011
7:00 P.M.
Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing, required by law, will be held for the following purpose: To hear all interested parties and residents of the Town of Stuyvesant regarding review and possible modification of prior site plan approval for a Class 2 Home Occupation to operate Glencadia Dog Camp by William Pflaum, 3 Rybka Road, Stuyvesant Falls, NY. Shirley Narzynski Secretary to the Board

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