Friday, March 18, 2011

3-18-11: grade the school, grade the supervisors, stop the waste

Good of the governor for insisting schools take a look at their budgets.

Here is a breakdown of New Lebanon Schools. Fascinating profile. I got to think there is tremendous waste: $24,000 per student per year? You could send all the kids to Berkshire County Day School. Does anyone argue that New Lebanon is doing better than Berkshire County Day?

Did I miss something?

Complete cheap and pointless shot by Copake Town Supervisor Reggie Crowley.

Removed from the email list or from office?

And speaking of Columbia County Supervisors not respecting the democratic process, let's review this situation again, with the secret sub-quorum meetings.

The following supervisors appear to be ethical:
Ed Cross, D-Hudson2
Pat Grattan, R-Kinderhook
William Hughes, D-Hudson4

Grattan turned in the embezzler bookkeeper.

We now know these three supervisors are clean. The other 14 have some explaining to do.

Sam Pratt has a run down of news on his blog which a different list than this one.

Opening on the assessment review board in Hudson.

This is a strange case from Greene County involving the Columbia County DA. Alcohol to minors and the majority leader?

On my other blog, I'm starting my efforts to get folks out for a hearing.

A job in Livingston.

Sheriff might get another substation.

Library in Valatie.

Practical joke story. Ends in hospital.

Copake Chronicle editor on digital media.

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