Friday, March 11, 2011

3-11-11: thou dost protest too much?

Tonight (Thursday, 3-10) Stuyvesant Highway Superintendent Bernie Bernard Kowalski reported that Martin Roby accused him of stealing the town's tool box.

Martin did not accuse him of stealing the tool box but if he did accuse him of something in a private email, why did Bernie Kowalski bring it up at the town meeting and deny it? Remember, Nixon with "I'm not a crook." Martin actually never said anything about Bernie stealing the toolbox. He just wanted to know where the stuff that belongs to the town is... on the truck. Good answer. Did Bernie email Martin back and tell him that it was on the truck or wait for the town meeting and accuse Martin of accusing Bernie...

The Stuyvesant Town Meeting... as hard as the board members work to make it boring it never quite pans out as boring as intended.

Making news myself. 

What is up with this 1.2 million dollar deal with Columbia County? This seems like big news.

DWI in Ghent.

Fatal accident in Claverack. 

Hey, I know Jared! This VERY NICE KID who is great with his younger siblings met State Senator Saland re: 4H. Way to go Jared

NYSEG is pooped proping up electric lines in Copake. Wouldn't it be cheaper in the long run to put the electric lines under ground?

Breaking: Columbia County Sheriff finds that spam is mostly fraudulent

Have any shot guns you want to unload? I mean unload them, then unload them.

Reducing polling sites? I don't like it.

Taghkanic resident makes beautiful wine holders.

Google made 3D models of the Shaker Village in New Lebanon as it would have been 100 years ago.

Copake resident Margaret Roach lives in the county, as per profile, and has a blog about gardening that I want to check out.

Semi-useful largely bogus list of resources for Columbia County Supreme Court. 

Stealing cigarettes.

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