Thursday, March 17, 2011

3-17-11: news bias against news that is interesting?

A few days ago the Register Star ran this article about me in part.

I offered this comment:

Thank you for including the link to my blog... I would quibble with the report of the case but I understand that a situation that has developed this far along is hard to summarize quickly. And of course you might guess where I might quibble. Thank you for covering county business Francesca.

The Register Star declined to run that rather innocent comment.

Not the first time and I'm not the only person.... not that they can't have bias in their comments but to note that in fact they do and readers should know the comments are highly edited.

And this article intentionally avoids all the interesting stuff that happened at the meeting.

The underage drinking sting story is not over.

Hope the FBI is listening to some phone calls around here.

Nice new list of places to stay in Hudson.


Do you have some pictures of the ice storm too? Nice shot.

Marcia Anderson of Valatie New York is smart and writes well. Thank you. Email me Marcia! I would love to see that lawsuit from Nassau.

Story about the Roosevelts in New Lebanon and the teacher in New Lebanon who uncovered the interesting history.

Nuclear power wasn't working for our congressman so now he's playing with guns. Why doesn't he start with something not so controversial like ETHICS and CORRUPTION?

Shape up Kinderhook! Get those pounds off.

And then put them back on.

Nurse job with county.

This is an old book about the county.

Accident: Accident on NY 203 north area of Town of Chatham; Town of Kinderhook Line (Kinderhook) rht shldr of 1 lane blkd

This makes no sense but mentions the county DA.

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