Saturday, March 19, 2011

3-19-11: brief Saturday post

I can't follow this about Hudson Mayor Scalera. Someone else understand it.

As a land owner, I think I have to check out this resource packed website on land management.

I am very sorry I missed this one.

New BnB in Stuyvesant.

Frogs came out two nights ago. That's wake up night... records for the past few years.

Pavement, rain garden and Claverack. Interesting way to do run off, cracks in the parking lot. Nice.

Got 3 million and need a horse ranch?

Bessie Head Brainer. I like these headstone pages.

Fast lane to dirt road again.

Mad data dump by zip.

Copake artists meetup!

Our Republican congressman voted against defunding NPR. At least he's not taking the party line on everything. Good start in independence.

I never listen to NPR myself, except as a podcast, like This American Life and Sound Lab. I don't bother with the news or talk now that I have all these podcasts to choose from.

I think the government should have some kind of agency that supports a more diverse array of news sources and networks.

Rallies in Union Square, NYC and New Lebanon only in this whole state?

Benefit for friends of Copake Falls. Margaret Roach.

Mayor of Chatham, craftsman.

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  1. Re "Stuyvesant B&B" - the way I read it, the B&B is in Saratoga Springs - a long commute from Stuyvesant - the advertising is by Joanna Bateman from Riverview St.