Thursday, April 7, 2011

4-7-11: cow ride, north dock, martin roby

No court. Adjourned. No dog barking charge last night. Yesterday I did my dialogue on this ridiculous charge, criminal dog barking...

Mom and Dad said no horse. So... German news.

Good picture from Art Omi. Hard to take a bad one over there.

There are a lot of these not so friendly signs in Hudson...

Court ruling about North Dock in Hudson that I don't understand. I think the residents wanted to claim ownership. I've always wondered what the deal was with this site, as I've seen it from the river when I'm out canoeing and it looks like something out of... a movie set in Louisiana in 1938.

The Hudson school situation is simply bleak. And the blog report from Unmuffled is very clear and well written.

Of course if you want a really great picture, try 600px. Columbia County photographer Ford Bailey bikes to Albany a lot.

Copake blog has a poll and comment thread grows.

Anti-Abortion activist/priest high speed chase story continues.

Environmentalist speaks at Bard about disrupting an oil and gas auction. Tim DeChristopher.

Judges don't like Cuomo's austerity budget.

As a U.S. citizen who has just returned from a decade in Europe, I can't report much good news about the relative standing of the American dream. My experience is that—despite their own economic crises—Europeans have far less reason to worry about job security, health care, or unpronounceable ingredients in their food. Their public transportation is better, their roads smoother. Their working hours, vacation, and parental leave are staggeringly more family-friendly. We're falling behind. Debts and wars, income inequality, a curdling political culture, and Charlie Sheen have knocked us off our national stride.

Martin Roby, the guy behind this site, I hear folks say "I think his language is too blunt" or "I wish he wouldn't be so confrontational" or "he should do X" or "I wish he were Y." I would note this: how many people do you know have convictions and act of them steadily, effectively and consistently? How many people are willing to sacrifice their time for their beliefs like Martin? What if there is someone or something that need confronting, when is it okay to confront it or them? He may mistakes. I know I make mistakes. But he honestly believes in good government and is willing to stick his neck out for it. That trait is far more remarkable than it should be. Thanks Martin.

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