Sunday, April 3, 2011

4-3-11: goat, pizza, runaway prisoner, Ron Knott

Prisoner escaped in Hudson! True?

I saw Spottiswoode & His Enemies at Club Helsinki last night. Nice show.

New Lebanon Business Association has a great newsletter but I don't see a URL link. So you SHOULD SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST.

Gillibrand has a lot of money.

IT at Columbia County. The county posted a newspaper article on it's website as its official statement?

What to do with hazardous waste in Columbia County.

Our congressman talks about his appearance in Chatham on his Facebook site.

More controversy in Copake.

More inside baseball: Ron Knott, of Stuyvesant, sent a lengthy press release announcing he's running for Supervisor. Here is the story.

Why not ask Common Ground services to come to Stuyvesant and make a presentation on mediation services for neighbor to neighbor disputes?

It's a no brainer. If Ron could simply invite them to speak and get a majority on the board to vote in favor, there might be some reason for him to be supervisor other than to do whatever, um, whatever it is, well, he wants to do.

What could be wrong with hearing a presentation on mediation services? Is that controversial? Why is Ron Knott against it when we sorely need it?

No one ever said why this proposal never took off.

I'd like to see that press release in full by the way. Hey, Ron, I'm a blogger. Send it over.

Track and field in Chatham.

Why did Fresco's in New Lebanon close? Seems like the owner had to defend his liquor license and ran out of money and the building was controlled a the bankrupt court. The business was fine. I don't like stories like that.

I got a goat!

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