Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4-26-11: internet service in the news, noise issue

Internet access in the news at Sam Pratt and ccScoop.

Internet at my house, for the record, is bad. Definitely one more thing Columbia County does badly, like just about everything these governments touch.

What happened to Beer World?

Education jargon: what is it for? To sound smart? To get you to shut up? Our local education blog extraordinaire discusses.

If prisoners can't vote, they shouldn't count for re-districting. It reminds me of the US Constitution and this 3/5th a person for slaves... to be honest.

Southern Columbia / Northern Dutchess list of delis and restaurants with their websites linked. Useful.

Article about agricultural districts from the 1970s in CC.

This Copake blog seems pretty active. No feed.

Great deal! Get into a bunch of museums and support the Kinderhook Library.

Gerri Mooore, local artist. Nice write up.

Summer house for rent.

Here's the butcher who gets his meat from Kinderhook Farm in Ghent.

Last night I was at the planning board again for more talking. Here is the audio.

On my other blog I get into it a bit more.

Do check out the other blog. More interesting today! I save the Sunshine on the Hudson blog for longer pieces, this one for lists of links. Thanks.

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