Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4-19-11: francesca olsen leaving RS, gun fire to harass neighbors,

Breaking: The Columbia County Board of Supervisors now has all the resolutions online. I went through them and found something already: this.

Who is Richard H. A. Washburn? Is this the guy?

I need to know this!

I campaigned for mediation in neighbor to neighbor disputes. We seem to have quite a few of those to mediate in Columbia County. Here is one that ends in gun fire.

Hey, the county did put the resolutions online!

Public safety, Valerie Bertram.

Here is the short list. Please look through this carefully. What are they up to?

Good luck to Francesca Olsen from Register Star. Young, smart, ambitious... wonder where she's going?

Great document showing the stats about injuries on the road in Columbia County.

No shortage of warehouses.

Grant to the county Red Cross.

Diner on FB.

I'm all for limiting the power of the President to make war. Good point, congressman Gibson.

Hold on to your wallet. Don't trust them to get it right.

Okay, okay Earth Day. First kid, all cloth diapers. Number two, 90% cloth until number three showed up while number 2 was still into number 2. Then we went bad. Next kid, Earth Day, I promise to do cloth again.

Press Release. Stuyvesant.

Kittens again.

Total speculation:

Cats, unlike foxes, do not make or steal elaborate dens. Therefore in nature (evolutionary state) the "homes" cats find (crook of tree, hole between rocks, etc.) are far from perfect defensively. It is likely to be better to pick up your babies and move to a new spot every few days than to stay put and let the smell of your occupation build and advertise your position. So, cats, unlike foxes, have a strong urge to pick up their babies and move to a new spot every few days. Even though my cat is in the bathroom and we change the towel every day or so and give her a cat litter and change it and she has food and water and the door is securely closed (no preditors) the ancient calculation that moving is better still holds in her mind. This is why she seems desperate to slip out of the bathroom and put her kittens in worse places, like under the sofa.

Or dogs:

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