Monday, April 4, 2011

4-4-11: saturn, trails, photos, comments

Last night would have been the best night of the year to see Saturn (we want to see the rings with our telescope). But it was too cloudy. We've got time to see it all month though, until the moon messes it up. The moons of Jupiter were great and we're hoping the rings of Saturn don't slip by us this month.

Back and forth in Copake.

"Oh no. Controversies. Hurt feelings. I better stay out of politics."

Another stranger comments argument on my other blog. Check the comments on this one. I'll respond if she writes in again.

Scenic Hudson has a nice brochure up.

This cool, modern house just keeps popping up.

Sweet potatoes and flowers, says our local photographer and gardener Starr Ockenga.

He escaped from prison yesterday. Today he's back.

I registered for this and forgot to go! Damn!

Don't miss Hudson school meeting like I did the trails.

If you can't get a good picture at Art Omi, you can't take a good picture... Cool shot.

How about a Hudson foreclosure? Pick something up cheap and renovate it?

Need someone to take care of your second home?

Why is Facebook becoming Wikipedia? Taconic State Park gets a nice write up.

We don't need a nuclear power plant. No kidding.

Obituary: A Van Buren from Kinderhook. RIP.

A letter from Martin Roby to Ron Knott I cut and pasted from the Stuyvesant Yahoo Forum:

Mr. Deputy Supervisor Ron Knott,
I am confused by your press release confirming that you will be running for Stuyvesant Supervisor. It makes no mention of the Federal Lawsuit.
The town is currently facing a major issue here; As a tax payer I would like this issue to be resolved as quickly as possible. As tax payers we have already spent tens of thousands of dollars on this issue. It seems that "common sense" would dictate that you at least address your view on how this issue might be handled.
A lot of people are pointing to our Zoning Enforcement Officer Gerald Ennis as the original source of the issue; seeing as how he revoked the permit given to Mr. Pflaum , by The Stuyvesant Planing Board without having the authority to do so. While their are now dozens of side issues; this seems to be the root of the issue. What is your opinion on this ?
You are not only on the Town Board; but also the Deputy Supervisor; I don't understand why you could not have worked on any issue you felt needed more attention. You have the ability to make motions at the Town Meetings; if you felt that something was wrong you certainly had the ability to work to correct that issue.
The last question I would like to ask you about is the indirect employment issue that was talked about, at the last planing board meeting by Mr. Shanahan. Mr. Shanahan claims that Mr. Pflaum has violated the terms of his permit because of a claim once made on an Internet group (the stuyvesantforum) that he provides employment to people indirectly. As a small business owner in Stuyvesant and a man offering to bring common sense to the town of Stuyvesant I am wondering if you could address this issue. I think the planing boardis so wrong it was painful to listen to the twisted logic they attempt to use.
For example Mr. Pflaum paid me $50 to serve papers; does that mean I work for him and his permit can be revoked? I then spent that $50 on Hay for my sheep at The Gibson's farm on County route 21, are they employees of Mr. Pflaum at that point? When I sell meat to The Honest Weight Food Co Op do they become employees of Mr. Pflaum? I don't think so , at least two members of the planing board seem to think this, but I would like to hear your opinion on the matter.
If you need to review the meeting you can listen to it online here:
Best Regards.
Martin Roby

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