Thursday, April 14, 2011

4-14-11: dying language, fire, dead body?, health concerns of fossil fuels vesus nuclear energy, polarization of congress

Last two people who speak Ayapaneco won't talk to each other. Bad blood.

Excellent local news site.

Commercial, Kinderhook bank.

My son loves this store.

Here is a well written newspaper article about public officials dealing with a real problem in a fairly intelligent way.  Needless to say, none of this occurred in Columbia County.

New Lebanon: New York is not great. Library okay, though.

About the speedway in New Lebanon.

Dead body in Copake?

Fire in Hudson.

County meeting last night. I was sick and couldn't make it but I will have some audio tomorrow.

Planning news from Hudson.

Nice article about school lunch/breakfast.

Here's a good rejection letter:
…it is with no inconsiderable degree of reluctance that I decline the offer of any Paper from you. I think, however, you will under reconsideration of the subject be of the opinion that I have no other alternative. The subjects you propose for a series of Mathematical and Metaphysical Essays are so very profound, that there is perhaps not a single subscriber to our Journal who could follow them.
Sir David Brewster editor of The Edinburgh Journal of Science to Charles Babbage on July 3, 1821. Noted in James Gleick’s, The Information.

Something I hadn't thought of:
During the round-the-clock coverage of the nuclear drama, the specter of Chernobyl has been raised repeatedly. It is worth noting that the worst nuclear disaster in history directly caused only 31 fatalities. The World Health Organization estimates that 4,000 deaths could be linked to the disaster over 70 years, whereas the OECD projects a range of 9,000 to 33,000 deaths during this period. That is substantial. But also consider that, according to the OECD, every year nearly 1 million people die from fine-particle outdoor air pollution. This massive death toll provokes no discernible fear in the developed world, and receives virtually no news coverage.
Must read, as they say: "Legislators Never Bowl Alone: Big Money, Mass Media, and the Polarization of Congress"

Farmer? Another good document, maybe.

Paper of the ethics of voting.

Route 7a.

Donate to African orphans.

There is this story about dogs in jail.

Video of the high speed chase with the priest?

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