Saturday, April 23, 2011

4-23-11: New Lebanon newsletter, historic district issue from another side

Photo of Chatham. Nice one.

Gossips blog writes in on the historic district for Robinson street and makes a terrific case that the street should be a historic district.

Historic district does not mean you have to request permission to paint your house green or whatever. Original article in RS was wrong and Jamie Larson corrected it. Nice all around.

Poll at Little Town Life.

New edition of the official New Lebanon newsletter.

Do any other towns do this? Does the go out in the mail to residents? Can opponents or people with other views get in on this mailing? The first page seems political... but I like the idea of a newsletter as long as it should not be sent by the political side ... not paid for by taxpayers to mail.

Supervisor defends the quasi-meetings:

Following the election last November, many Columbia County supervisors frustrated with the resulting political control and its directives over us in the county, gathered as a bi-partisan group without the influence of outside political forces, to discuss the pressing issues we have to deal with and solve as a county board. Several Democrats, Republicans and NOPs, have been meeting monthly face to face for discussions, and to learn the details of those issues we would not thoroughly understand through our short caucuses held before the Board of Supervisors' monthly meeting. It has been refreshing and enlightening for me, as that time allows the necessary details in a truly informative answer to a question. Too often there is an inadequate amount of time before the whole body of supervisors convenes, to make an informed decision on a resolution that could affect the entire county. In light of the criticisms we have faced for gath- ering without informing anyone, it is important to keep in mind that it began informally, no votes are taken, no resolu- tions made, and there is no quorum.

And what issues did you discuss?

Copake Rescue Squad Facebook.

Can't find a psychiatrist?

A senior group thanks our congressman for voting to abolish medicare.

On the Stuyvesant Forum the issues of the depot and if the town did or did not request grant money for the site got hot and whether or not assessment information is open and available to the public came up.

"I don't find the "public terminal" all that much handier than the hardcopy rolls. One still has to get to Town Hall(if open) and/or make an appointment. It would be better to have access via the web and the library. It could be put up in a format that couldn't be tampered with. People would use it a lot then, at their convenience. ...or make a disc available for purchase, if cost is an issue. I think Martin has offered to do the IT work for free, on various occasions. The public terminal is not being used because it is not truly accessible."

Copake skate park:

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