Friday, April 22, 2011

4-22-11: RS policy, electric car, historic district, dead rabbit

Mr. Rodgers does not live in the neighborhood? He's only pretending to live in Mr. Rodger's neighborhood? Can you say, "scandal"? I knew you could.

Tongue is in cheek! Here is a serious story: Oil discovered in Hudson.

Good Friday. Cuban Horror Movie.

Partly sunny, with a high near 55. Calm wind becoming south between 5 and 8 mph.

Historic neighborhood story.

Well written, good story.

History is an asset. But without a lot of money, a historic district won't necessarily look good enough to pay for itself.

Did you have to register to read the story?

Register Star change in policy?

I think there is definitely still a roll that a paper like the RS fills that the blogs do not, that the Columbia Paper is not... and I try to get as much news in one place without checking the RS first to see what you can learn before you go to the RS... anyway, we'll see.

Carrie Haddad 20 years.

Here is a story about alderman Cross.

I'm not accusing anyone of anything but I do notice that the two times that political actions lead to prosecution in Columbia County since I moved here the accused individuals were not of the same party as the DA. Not that there can't be good reasons for this discrepancy...

Speaking of ethics, which I do, this article I think speaks to what goes on in local government as well.

And if you change browsers you get 20 more New York Times articles but maybe I should just subscribe... I read the NYTimes more than I thought.

From Stockport to Albany in a Chevy Volt.

Stop and charge your battery.

Resolutions online.

Here's a nice house for 2 million dollars.

Farms in Copake. Listing.

I can't believe this story never went anywhere! They brought a rabbit into a classroom to show children about farming, then the farmer slit his throat right in front of the children.

Three children is a rational economic choice. Great. I have to say we never made any of these calculations and I entirely disagree with this perspective on what human life is for, utterly and completely, totally and fundamentally, purely and deeply, thoroughly and bone-deep, vastly and profoundly, now and in the past, up and down, left and right, north and south... but it's a good article.

What are taxes for... I can't follow this. Too abstract. Taxes are, in Columbia County, to pay for duplication of highway department who do not actually maintain the roads that well given what we pay and to have town justice departments that cost a lot and do not give out better but worse justice and assessors who use their offices to reward and punish the people they like and don't like and not provide accurate and fair assessments for a stupid tax anyway, since it is subjective, punishes farmers, retirees, poor communities with no commercial development, and the middle class: real estate taxes...

Property taxes: really stupid. Should be replaced.
Town highway department: useless.
Town justice department: useless.
Town assessor: worse than useless.
Individual transportation departments for all these schools: probably not efficient.

If I have a blog, you might guess I want to mouth off and grandstand a bit.

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