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4-17-11: back when I didn't know, a year ago

Remember the old bike event in Copake?

Some kind of vote on cable service in Chatham?

Thompson: What about Medicare vouchers?
Gibson: No - not at all. I don't support that.


Sam Pratt on New York Magazine and other tourism-related issues. Thanks for the link!

Gossips of Rivertown on re-doing Front Street.

Bear attack!

Just the other day I had a casual conversation in Chatham on the street with someone who should know but who I forgot to ask if I could quote and he went over chapter and verse of all the mistakes that went into the re-make of Main Street in Chatham.

Do you realize what a huge missed opportunity that re-build was? What a colossal failure on the part of the previous mayor? The stunning lack of community input to insist that that project, which could have been funded to higher levels at the time, lead to a plan to assure the viability of downtown Chatham, a goal that was not emphasized and a vision and hope that is not guaranteed? Did you notice the number of vacancies on the street lately?


1) Additional funding was left on the table.
2) Bike path disappeared from design.
3) No consideration of extending Main Street and offering developers incentives to build big downtown to create a more comprehensive shopping experience (park once, shop big and small) right in the historic downtown to compete with sprawl that is picking up steam on route 66?

So when I hear about "rebuilding" front street I wonder if there is more to it... or maybe there are no additional opportunities being lost in Hudson.

Anyway, I was horrified by what happened right before my eyes in Chatham when I didn't even know what could have been going on.

I didn't know a lot a year ago and I think I was happier not paying attention. Talk about naive:

Dog control officer 
Posted by: "William Pflaum" 
Mon Mar 8, 2010 10:37 am (PST)

Apparently, the Town of Stuyvesant has hired a new dog control
officer, Wesley Powell. I wish him the best and good luck. If anyone
knows Mr. Powell, I am happy to help and offer my dog boarding
facility and staff (and myself) if any loose dog problem should arise.
My number is 518-XXX-XXXX and my email is here above. Let him know. He
can call, come by, say hello. I'm right here in Stuyvesant Falls.

I volunteered to be the dog control officer because I wanted to help
the town out. I pay $4500 a year in business insurance to assure that
any damage done by any dogs under my care is covered, since I run a
dog business. I have commercial insurance on my dog van, on my
property and staff. If a dog were to cause a traffic accident or bite
someone, the town might potentially be on the hook for millions. But
paying the kind of insurance premiums I pay seems excessive for the
occasional dog. I thought since I would just have to add rider to my
policy, I might pitch in and help.

Also, when I moved in I wanted to join the fire department but I have
to work every Monday night, so I can't make any meetings. The fire
department folks do a tremendous amount of work for no pay and deserve
a lot of credit. Since I couldn't pitch in that capacity, I thought I
could at least be the dog control officer.

I only learned that my offer to work for free and to use my commercial
insurance to protect the town had not been accepted through rumors and
word of mouth. Although I sent emails, tried to leave phone messages
and sent a letter through the USPS, I never got a letter back from the
town, so I don't have much information to go on.

I don't know Wesley Powell and I honestly wish him the best. I
honestly and sincerely am happy to help out if I can. Give me a call,
and I'll pitch in. Thanks.


Will Pflaum
owner Glencadia Dog Camp


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