Monday, April 25, 2011

4-25-11: obviously I am skeptical of everything these governments around here do... everything... wrong until proven right

At my other blog I drop a water proof camera in a bucket of water and watch a bunch of dogs drink from below.

And if you wonder why I'm skeptical of these people, here is my third blog with a detailed list of video and audio files proving the obvious, which is necessary in Columbia County because the governments, at least some of them, are run by people who will intentionally twist the truth, or try to.

The battle in Chatham Village is between smart and stupid. I know that sounds harsh but Chatham Village does not need an assessor since the Town of Chatham already assesses the properties in the village, or can.

Just get rid of the office. Simple. Duplication costs money.

Sorry if I sound harsh. Why is the old guard defending the indefensible?

And all those cops: come on. There is no crime for them to fight and the county and state cops are quite able to take care of all the problems that arise. Ridiculous.

Stop throwing tax money down the drain.

Thistle Milk $1.65m investment. Nice.

Board of Supervisors always ready to fight for the ability to tax to provide services and buy real estate. Which they then sell at a loss. Because they had a plan. Didn't work out. Now another plan. Which is good! This time. And more money so we can do it. Now we'll get it right. I think. Or maybe lose some millions. But we have a good plan to consolidate everything somewhere. We don't know where. Maybe in a Walmart.

Nichols runs for judge.

Austerlitz and the hard to plow road.

Bascilica Industria.

As long as this applies to everyone, Gibson is right about this one.

Eric Galloway owns property in Hudson.

Columbia County Young Democrats
Human Rights Campaign
invite you to
a free screening of the documentary film
followed by a
Panel Discussion on Marriage Equality

Saturday, May 7
7:00pm - 10:30pm

at Basilica Hudson
110 South Front Street Hudson, NY

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