Sunday, April 24, 2011

4-24-11: chatham village and valatie village and the struggle to stop the wasteful spending

Happy Easter everyone. Short blog. Have to look for bunny.

We have a 101 year old man here in Stuyvesant Falls who still drives and goes walks and look pretty damn good. Amazing guy. Oldest man in the world: not yet.

Jobs! Wed.

You missed the Copake bike swap? Cool stuff to see.

Good easter story: Copake egg farm in the New York Times.

Tom, the new mayor of Chatham village, has an uphill fight to save money for the taxpayers. Keep at it Tom! Go!

And villages and towns don't need courts. Probably don't need police force.

End of Happy Clown?

This blog has no feed and no contact info or I would go to it more often.

Record search.

Highway department monthly report: Copake. Justifying.

Got an email from ccScoop about cutltural choices -- a nice list -- but the only link in the email was to the donate page and when I go to the home page I don't see the email list anywhere obvious.

So I can't link to the list in the email.

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