Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4-5-11: move over for cops giving tickets, crowd sourcing, bad news at Hudson school budget meeting

Motorist New Lebanon arrested for not changing lanes to make room for trooper to write someone else a ticket.

Here is the new president of Haiti.

Borders is out of business. The internet promises a pee-free future.

Hudson schools in big trouble.

Reservoir in Philmont. Nice photo.

Art fair comes to Hudson.

Hudson camera sign. Friendly city.

Prisoners to train to dogs.

Karl Rove has a good idea. I would like something like what he proposes for this County, a local wikipedia. Wikicoco is the local wikipedia. Write anything you want and wait and see if anyone adds/corrects/changes anything. Go ahead. Upload documents, write comments, create pages. Opinion, business, politics, whatever you want.

The Farm Stay at Kinderhook farm looks really nice.

Photo from Copake.

Sky Farm in Copake.

Hudson kid play.

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