Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4-27-11: county resolutions released?

Controversy: Martin Roby versus Valerie Bertram, supervisors of Stuyvesant full version. I talk about it on my other blog.

Short version at the end of this post.

I did not have this blog on my list yet this is not to be missed. No feed?

Hudson politics.

Hudson school budget. What a great blog.

Need a sheriff's patch?

Mostly cloudy, with a high near 75.

County Supervisor's meeting tonight according to wcgx. Is that right? No, next meeting in May. I'm confused. But either way, do they vote on the resolutions first, then they post them online? No new resolutions this month? I think the meeting is actually in a few weeks but when were they going to be posted? Just curious

After five years Martin Roby gets access to the Stuyvesant assessment RPS list.

WGXC links:

Artist Melissa Auf de Maur interview.




Last typewriter factory in the world closes.

Most Republicans in Mississippi wish the South had won the Civil War. Why didn't Lincoln let them go? I wish we could merge with Canada now and have a negotiated new constitutional/federal framework that would be more inline with international norms as a consequence ... and if not that, I'll take wings and fly to the moon.

Flea markets.

Clean up Stuyvesant.

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