Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4-6-11: court tonight, ethics in the news (lack there of), events coming up in the county you might not know about

Tonight I will be in court in Stuyvesant before Judge Bruno making motions regarding the false, impossible charge lodged against me based on a law that has never been enforced before in the history of the town (or even known) three days after bringing evidence of wronging doing of town employees to the attention of the town supervisor and chair of the county ethics board, Valerie Bertram. I could go to jail for up to 15 days for the same impossible, false charge that lead to the zoning and planning harassment you may have heard about.

Want to come? 6:30 PM Stuyvesant Town Hall.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to the make the play at Hawthorne Valley in which our friend and neighbor is performing.

Anti-abortion activist in jail. Wow.

Will Hudson jail be open for long?

Skate park moves forward. Ghent.

Big Up event in Ghent moves forward.

Do not miss this bike swap! Cool blog about it. Copake.

This is good. All these towns and villages do not need courts. I'll be in one of these useless courts tonight arguing against a politically motivated hit, so I should know.

Obituary:  Roy Edward "Bud" Cunningham Jr., 83.

Hudson mayor talks about what to do with empty or closed buildings... which we will have more of.

I was in Rhinebeck the other day and in the city on Monday. Everywhere I go I get a better internet connection than my Fairpoint DSL at home. We need better internet around here.

Sam Pratt finds signs of spring in the friendly city.

And then Sam Pratt puts some nails in the coffin of the idea of merging Greenport and Hudson.

Here is a blog by local radio personality about ethics at the state level. If the state can't get an effective ethics policy, I hope my federal suit will force some changes at the local level. I will argue that New York State has no system for enforcement of ethics at the local level now, assuming the judge allows the argument.

See you tomorrow if I'm not locked up.

"Whatcha in for?"

"Dog barking."

"You barked like a dog? You mean, you were high on crack, butt naked and standing in Times Square barking like a dog."

"No, I mean my dog barked."

"Your dog barked but they put you in jail? What did they do to the dog?"

"Nothing. The dog's home now sitting on the porch chewing a stick."

"They didn't make him spend a night in the pound or nothing?"


"Well, dogs are supposed to bark. I mean if he said Meow, then maybe they would lock him up for that."

"What you in for?"

"I grew a plant in my garden that if you smoke it, you feel nice."

"That's crazy! They locked you up for growing a plant!"

"Yeah, and I didn't even plant it. It just grew!"

"Crazy place. Police state."

"Well, I'll tell you what. If I were you, the first thing I would do when I got out of here would be to take that dog straight to Michael Vick. Here you go, Michael, here's your new dog."

"Naw, the dog didn't do anything but bark."

"Still, you took the fall for it. Better teach that dog to moo."

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