Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6-7-11: full moons, hudson dredging, business to hudson, albany chickens

A man faces drug charges after a New York State Trooper pulled him over for a loud muffler.

Yes that is his actual mug shot.

It happened on Route 20 in West Lebanon on Saturday night. A trooper pulled Shay Smith, 20 over for the loud exhaust noise.

The officer searched the car and found marijuana, nitrous oxide capsules and several bottle and cans of beer.

Smith faces three different possession charges. He will answer his charges in the New Lebanon Town Court on June 9th

As far as the marijuana, I hope Shay is not charged with drug possession. I agree with these guys about drug laws.

Why anyone should go to jail for owning a dried plant is a mystery to me. On to other mysteries:

Last stop on the voodoo express: a longer article by me on my other blog.

Race results. 5K.

Ten full moons equals human gestation period (295 days). So if you're born under a fullmoon you're likely conceived under one. But this fact is just a coincidence.

History of whaling in Hudson. History as an economic resource.

As reported first by gossips of rivertown...

Clean up Albany act. No teeth in the act?

Albany chicken veto override fails 8-5. (Needed 10 to override.) Not so local story but there are towns around here that forbid chickens.

Ornamentum. Hudson.

Flag day coming. Is it really the biggest such event in the county?

Gun stores.

Blue water veterans and compensation. This story involves our congressman and no photos of said congressman.

Are they all wierdos? There was Craig, with the bathroom in the airport, and Clinton, with whatever that was, and that guy with the craigslist photo from NY-26, and Ensign, and Spitzer, and Vittner, and Gingrich... seems like all or most of them. And most of it is weird. The one who went hiking to Argentina was the least weird. At least he seemed to really like his mistress.

Garden Tour spencertown.

Hudson dredging resumes.

Hola hoops outside Spotty Dog.

Start up incubator, upstate new york.

Ask a Robot.

User: What do you think about the Anthony Weiner scandal?
Cleverbot: I don't think about it.
User: Good for you. What do you think about?
Cleverbot: What do you think about earth?
User: I don't think about it.
Cleverbot: What do you think about?
User: I asked you first.
Cleverbot: Is it a telescope?
User: If it were a telescope, what would you want to see with it?
Cleverbot: Where are you exactly?
User: Latitude 42.354086 Longitude -73.725444.
Cleverbot: When I was little Vulpix was always my favourite Pokemon.

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