Friday, June 24, 2011

6-24-11: county manager positions still alive

Here is the report outlining the plan to hire a county manager. "BETTER GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT FOR COLUMBIA COUNTY"

Oh, and that commercial park between 66 and 9H is a bad idea, the one linked to the ethics probe... Art Baer. I lost track of this story but I think corruption may have contributed to the terrible planning involved in the ugly project. It just wastes space. The business that are there could have found other spots. There are old buildings that need tenants and are falling apart. If I weren't so swamped... I would look into this. Anyone else interested?

Because they are doing the same thing again with this move of county offices to the old Walmart: abandoning the excellent plans made long ago for how to do development and replacing good design with short term thinking that leads to collapse of towns and infrastructure.

Gay marriage deadlock.

Jane Erye at Crandell in Chatham. Here's the movie trailer.

What incident on Amtrack? Read the comments. Seems to happen a lot. Wouldn't happen in China.

The Big Up is coming.

Congressman Chris Gibson goes to Copake. Compared to other area congresspeople, Gibson is not rich. He also may be relatively honest.

Free HIV testing.

GE gets a patent. Bryan of Valatie, N.Y congrats.

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