Monday, June 20, 2011

6-20-11: i'm back in town hall to face voodoo charge, juvenile arrests in the county, nice pictures

Tomorrow night I will be back in Stuyvesant for another hearing. I have been accused of a violation I did not do because I cannot do it in this universe. It's impossible, like voodoo or kindnapping Santa's elves. Columbia County government doesn't seem to care much about technical issues like Newtonian Physics.

Find a grave. Conrad Cooper, born 1768.

Credit card theft
article. No local peg.

This looks like something the town of Stuyvesant sent to me.

More Price Parade shots.

Art in Chatham.

Chalk pictures. Nice.

Copake clock fixed.

Juvenile arrests in Columbia County. Most: 2006 with 106 arrests. Least: 2009 with 68. Police force with most juvenile arrests: Hudson and State Police tied.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg, mother died.

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