Monday, June 27, 2011

6-27-11: link to article on big law firm in a small town

Not just in Greece. Cronyism is alive and well right here in upstate New York. Just read my other blog to see some cronyism at work.

Here is the news for the day in summary.

Nice use of the divide key on the calculator to check the numbers in school district spending.

Embezzler sentenced, PR by Comptroller.


Now it's really summer! Love Apple farm is open! Fresh cherries, kale, strawberries. Mmm


  1. What makes you think I used a calculator?

    The Gossips of Rivertown

  2. No calculator? Impossible.

    Yeah, how do they get the student to teach ratio? Seems like a simple number but it he teacher is a prep period, not with kids, does it count? Thanks for crunching the numbers in your head.