Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6-28-11: politicians as traders, local gay weddings

Gay weddings already going on around the area. Fast actors.

The Chatham Press has a photo of a dog sign in Chatham at Kinderhook Street. Wonder what that is about? Page 2. Have to get a scan: no link online.

More signs.

I really wonder if anyone will try to explain what happened with the executive session in Stuyvesant.

It's like safety belts: yes, you can use them to choke someone but that is not what they are for. SAFETY is right in the name. Same with Zoning Board of APPEALS.

It's like we, some guys from the hood, went to a pick up softball game and the New York Yankees showed up. If the guys from the hood win, something is very wrong and maybe those other guys shouldn't be clocking those big checks.

I'm just a little old dog farmer.

Paranoid rant that includes reference to Clermont, Chatham, Columbia County.

Unhealthy herd hypothesis.

Think Crandell, Chatham.

Download silent films here.

Brave? Gone.

"So anyway, this is just a way of explaining that advice along the lines of “here’s how to win” tends not to work in DC, because the problem isn’t just about how to win an election. Operating in DC is more like being a trader, where the amount of the downside matters as well."

This is very true. You see things all the time, know they are popular, and wonder why politicians don't get the low lying fruit... because what happens later?


Hudson is suspending alternate side parking rules on weekends from July 1 through October 31. Gotta love election years... :¤)

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