Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6-15-11: trouble, ethics, gay marriage, potted plants, special prosecutor, and some vandals

Always check here for local news.

The mystery of the potted plant remains unsolved. Reward in the offing.

For me the key here is the term "request. You have to request a special prosecutor. Stuyvesant did not when they went after me. They did not request permission from a judge, as the supervisor clearly states here. This supervisor.

What was the basis for hiring a special prosecutor to go after me? Why? Who authorized it? The town board only?

If I could follow this, I bet I would learn something.

Photo shot contest. Winner announced tomorrow. Vote!

This powerline is a big deal.

Vandals attack the New Lebanon library.

Shoprite hiring in Hudson.

This says New York is the least free state in the nation. I would use different criteria but might come up with the same conclusion.

Here's more on that plane crash from the home town paper of the Ohio family.

And this is horrible. Rich owning everything and the government doing whatever the hell they want. Meanwhile ethics enforcement and New York should never be in the same sentence again without words like "not" and "terrible" and "joke."

Here is more on the sorry state of our constitutional rights by Daniel Ellsburg. Watergate would be legal now?

Is the US going to be a free, prosperous society in 30 years? I think we'll get it together but it's not clear. And New York is leading the charge DOWN.

But gay marriage has a shot. Call your STATE SENATOR's OFFICE. Tell him/her to vote yes. Here's mine. Almost there.

Hudson pride is coming.

Auction in Copake. Looks good.

As someone interested in ethics enforcement, I read this and found it interesting but a bit off. I know that putting everything online is a good step and that the excuses for hiding stuff are just that: excuses.

What's the c-word? Community.

I bank with these guys and wish them luck with the new branch. Why Albany, though?

Shakespeare anyone? More in Hudson.

"KINDERHOOK — Albany's Alexander Paley, age 25, beat out 512 runners in the OK 5k race in Kinderhook Saturday by posting a time of 15 minutes, 35 seconds, according to a release from race director Dan Curtin. Aaron Robertson, 33, placed second at 15:42 ..."

@TheHudsonValley Thermal Mass Construction INC is holding a presentation/open forum on #green building June 20th at @SlashRootCafe 7pm

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