Thursday, June 23, 2011

6-23-11: small business seminar, good issue, MYSTERY LETTER

Watch this video. Way to go Zack.

Thanks to Mark Young of Mexican Radio for hosting an event in support of the Hudson library association and thanks to Teresa Parson for working for the library. I was there with my family and it looked like a big success. This is the kind of thing that makes a community work. Thanks.

Here is my other blog on the MYSTERY LETTER.

Small business event for upstate businesses. I think I should go. As a small businessman, I think we could use a couple of things: 1) an end to corrupt government locally (nationally eventually); 2) a degree or certification program in small business support, so that I could hire someone to do workman's comp, mail merge, invoices, deal with vendors, a million other things, and know that they really can just show up and work. I have a pretty clear idea how they could get the education they would need but I'll write that up another day.

Small business runs into a lot of hurdles, which if removed, if people could get started and learn a bit and feel confident, the economy would take off, and not the blood sucking federal reserve / wall street / finance economy but the economy the real economy. Credit. More credit down here.

Congresspeople have to list their assets. Here they are.

Why did our Congressman, Gibson, have to give up his military pension when he was elected? I don't think he should have had to do that.

I FOILed the financial disclosures from all the supervisors in Columbia County and it didn't work: instead of the disclosures, they sent me info on how to file disclosures which is available online already and I haven't gotten around to appealing that trick yet.

Remember that plane that crashed in a pond? Can't leave it in there, can you?

A bear! Different Chatham I think.

High school baseball.

Trucks in Hudson.

Maryland requires students be envornmentally literate to graduate. Great idea.

Yes, a man can fly on a plane in a dress.

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