Sunday, June 5, 2011

6-5-11: business rumor, confusing ethics letter, end the drug war

Business coming to old Kaz building? Air filters. Jobs?

Emergency landing. Everyone's okay. These small planes seem to get into a lot of trouble.

Letter in the Register Star... "track record of 11-plus years as supervisor:" In Columbia County, this amount of time should suggest its time to leave office. I like terms limits. Time for a change.

I can't really follow this. What's the deal?

This I get. END THE DRUG WAR. Skim it. Great thing. Thank you people.

Let's check with

User: What is a butterfly?
Cleverbot: A fly that eats butter.
User: What is a streetcar?
Cleverbot: Have you got a hairy arse?
User: What is a airplane?
Cleverbot: A vehicle used to travese the air using an aerodynamic design.
Cleverbot: What do humans do?
User: Ignore questions from robots. What is a bicycle?
Cleverbot: Something people ride with 2 wheels and no motor.
User: What is a rabbit?
Cleverbot: Do you like them rabbituuuu?
User: Knock knock.
Cleverbot: Come in.
User: Banana.
Cleverbot: Banana who?
User: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
Cleverbot: You said banana.
User: I meant orange.
Cleverbot: How do you do?

Yesterday around the house:

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