Monday, October 17, 2011

10-17-11: Ethics law in Albany, Brennan Center Documents

Ana Coon, 1753-1825. Long life.

 How long for a pistol permit in Columbia County?

Will Copake keep its police department? Audio on this blog.

 We're still at war.

This is a GREAT BLOG.  How did I know about it before?

 Ethics law in New York in the news. This is always interesting to me. "...Brennan Center's highly critical reports of the state Legislature..."

Good tip, Times Union:  New York’s Legislative Ethics Commission, solely responsible for legislative ethics oversight in our state, has never brought a charge against a sitting legislator.

And this was good too. and...  

it is actually a backwards step – rather than not forcing lawyers to disclose outside income as is now the case, the new bill would explicitly exempt lawyers and others from certain reporting requirements.
Brenna Center.... nice tip.

Have to look for those. Film Festival.

 Bernie Sanders 

The 6 largest financial institutions have assets that are equal to 65% of the GDP of the entire U.S. That’s over $9 trillion. 

 WGXC: Hands-On Radio 

Happy soon-to-be Halloween from The Tiki Bar coming up at 6 pm on WGXC 90.7 FM and , Listener supported community radio!

 Salman Rushdie 

Again:I found protesters at  intelligent, caring, idealistic, thoughtful. Much of the hostility they face is the antithesis of all that.

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