Monday, October 10, 2011

10-10-11: lot of good links today

National Science Bowl: sign up and go for it.

Octagon house. I think there was a theory about right angles and cancer at the time, which is why the cancer hospital at Central Park West and 103rd Street in Manhattan has no right angles... Google it later.

Public notice: travel trailer camp? Something strange about this, something personal...

Copake cow in California? Brown Swiss.

Someone is checking for birds. Any Greebes on there? I saw one!

Assisted suicide incident in Columbia County?

CNN: Road trip in Ghent, New York.

Where is the comparable mushroom list? This guy in Philmont is a mushroom identification and preparation for eating champ. So delicious...

Mercury and cement factories and our congressman.

Katchie Farm event next week.

Karen Dodge of Valatie, marathon runner.

Bike tour, missed posting before it happened but contact for future events included.

Layoff list.

Candidate for supervisor, Stuyvesant, Lee Jamison.

Just insane or both insane and false? Bones of the race of half angel/half human creatures reported in the Old Testament found during routine repair of Route 66 in Ghent.

Book Review from the New Lebanon Library.

Yuppie Hipster
To the girl skateboarding down Warren Street in a white kimono, your fabulous!
 Christian Westbrook 
 by OccupyWallStNYC
Awesome! ! RT   5 police officers ripped off their badges, stomped on them, and joined the march.

 Bernie Sanders 
Wall Street Protests - Sen. Bernie Sanders  via  

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