Thursday, October 13, 2011

10-13-11: columbia county board of supervisors might be pissing your money away. help track them.

At the end of this post, links to the county site. Do you think we should trust them with our money? I don't. Some of the people voting on huge amounts of money are not people you would hire to do a responsible job. They way they do it -- with no public comments or hearings, without putting the resolutions online before they vote on them for public inspection -- is disturbing.

And Columbia County has no ethics policy or ethics board. They say they do, but its kabuki theater. If a supervisor proposes a complete boondoogle, you wouldn't know. If you did find out, there would be nothing you could do about it, no one to call, no institution to look into it.

Corruption is going on right now. Something strange probably happened last night. I can't keep up.  Now my day starts and I'm busy. So are you. But take some time and read the resolutions from last month and email any and everyone on the county site and tell them you want the resolutions from last night posted. Then come back and read them.

Help me. Look at the resolutions. Demand they get online before votes. Send in FOIL requests. Email me for some sample FOILs I've done.

They need a lot more scrutiny.

I do not have time to prove everything. When I find something, I post it. People should watch them. It's much nicer not to think about what they are up to.

The Ethics Board is a joke. They like it like that. Why?

Horse shot. Article here.


This guy bought an apple orchard in Kinderhook from photography in 1970s. LGBT History Month: Photographer George Hester 1970s Pioneer

Motorcycle ride.

61 year old woman charged with growing marijuana.

Lafayette in Hudson?

Columbia County Board of Supervisors met last night. Here are the resolutions from last night... wait, they are not there.

Here is something for 2 million dollars of your tax money to be pissed away. Wonder what happened with this.

Here is one from last month. Here is a tax increase.

People should read these. The Columbia County Board of Supervisors might do anything and no one would know. Please look at these.

And write to the county to tell them to put the resolutions online as soon as possible for public inspection.

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