Tuesday, September 27, 2011

injustice on the agenda tomorrow night

Here is what other people say... not me...

Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Hearing to destroy local mans business in Stuyvesant NY

Hey, you guys need to be at this hearing tomorrow night. The local government of Stuyvesant Falls wants to make an example of one its citizens to keep any more city slickers from moving into the area. It's a struggle between transparent and effective government and a corrupt cronyist patronage system of government.

It's real news and it's an important issue. This guy is getting railroaded by a bunch of backward thugs who think no one is paying attention. Help prove them wrong.

Tuesday, September 27
7 PM Stuyvesant Town Hall
5 Sunset Drive
Stuyvesant, NY 12173

Begin forwarded message:
I can't remember if you've covered this issue, but I don't think you have. It's the action by the Town of Stuyvesant to cavalierly wrest a man's business permit from him, without affording him an appeal. They've really thrown the book at him. But he's not backing down. He feels his constitutional right to due process (and probably other rights) has been violated, and I frankly think he's right. He's a character, for sure, but that makes for a pretty interesting story, non?

Begin forwarded message:
They are fighting to keep their business open and pay their mortgage and payroll for their employees. They run a great business, a country  
getaway for city dogs and there are no problems with their operation.  The zoning board went there and proved it themselves. NO loud noises from the dogs!

They were given a permit 5 years ago by the town, and the town is trying to take it away due to political differences. 

How can this be permitted?  How can they take away a permit they granted, and yet allow another town resident operate a business that is clearly a violation of town zoning laws?

The process couldn't be more unfair.  Please help. In today's economy, why would a town board want to take away the lively hood not only of the owner but of the employees as well?  All because he has different beliefs than them. This can not be kept quiet. 

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