Sunday, September 4, 2011

9-4-11: police referendum in copake, hudson in pakistan, water

New blog: issue one, property tax games. The property tax is a very stupid tax and should be abolished and replaced with an increase in the income tax... but while it still exists, good to have some discussion of how badly it works.

The citizens who got a referendum on the Copake police department are to be commended. Chatham village residents should have the same referendum.

The state police are professionals with deep institutional back up. One state policeman is worth more than one village police officer.

We already have the state police and the county sheriff in the area. We have multiple highway departments, multiple police departments, multiple courts, etc.

This referendum in Copake is encouraging. The last election in Chatham village was encouraging.

On Sat.August 27, I presented a petition to the Town Bd. signed by 101 citizens of Copake.The petition was for a referendum on the Topic of keeping or ending our Police Dept.This topic should be on the Ballot on Nov.8, 2011. I expect that there will be a few meetings in Town Hall to discuss this matter and to hear both sides.We should also be aware of the history of our Police Dep't and the cost as well. This topic will be discussed by the Town Bd. on Oct.8, at Town Hall.Harvey Weber

Hudson airport discussed in Pakistan's leading newspaper.

Can you be a friend of Lindenwald and not a fan of Martin Van Buren?

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  1. We left NY State because our property taxes went to the county, village, and town -- all of which had redundant public safety entities pulling in thousands in overtime so they could retire on big fat pensions while still in their 40s. In fact, the only crime in our Village was speeding and we had to pay cops $90,000 per year to sit in a hidden place for hours waiting for a speeder to drive by. Ridiculous. Taxpayers need to draw the line.