Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8-2-11: my now self versus my then self and then my mom's book

I'll be in Federal Court tomorrow. Suing my town. Civil rights action.

I bought a new suit for the suit. Haven't bought a suit since my wedding 11 years ago and I got a little thicker in the intervening years -- not really fatter. My now self could kick my then self's ass in throwing hay bales, if not running 3 miles.

But my now self and my then self do need different suits. I put in 50 fence post by hand and I could never get my wedding ring on my finger again: my now hand is not my then hand. It's not the 11 years so much as the change in work that seems to make stuff not fit anymore.

Oh, and Desmond Tutu blurbed my mom's book! Hope Amidst Despair (Pluto Press, to be published in a couple months):

"This is an unsentimental and realistic assessment of the desperate situation of children in sub-Saharan Africa affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Thus when the author says there is hope despite the hopelessness we must believe her. We are indebted to Susanna Grannis for pointing to the light at the end of the tunnel."
Archbishop Desmond TuTu
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

SusannA W. GranniS founded and led, until 2010, CHABHA, Children Affected by HIV/AIDS. CHABHA partners with community- based children’s associations in Africa. She was Professor and Dean at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Queens College, CUNY, and at the Bank Street College of Education.

A real event on a fake site?

Hudson: A real sparkler. Take a peak at that.

Summer game bird survey. DEC.

In Ghent:

Nature Conservancy
Chinese billionaires chip in to protect the environment...& pandas, reports @MktplaceRadio http://nature.ly/pUGZXQ

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