Thursday, August 18, 2011

8-18-11: pirate radio, small business loans

Pirate radio law. Waste of time.

Small business loans! Hey this is interesting.

I can't believe Stuyvesant voters approved that $500,000 salt shed...

The Board raised bogus objections (companies going out of business, lack of durability, lack of suitability) to a "fabric" covered structure like the ones at Gibson's on Rte 21 and other farms in the area. I gave them full information on a company with a successful 35-year track record that supplies these structures - for about 20% of the cost of their proposed project, finished, with poured concrete foundations.

Neither Bernie nor the Board even bothered to speak with the company nor check the references the company was prepared to supply, including an NYS DOT Salt Shed in E. Greenbush that's been in successful service for years. Does that seem like "due diligence" to you?

As has been noted here, Claverack built a compliant structure for their town (with quite a few more road-miles than we cover) for $125K. But Stuyvesant never bothered to inquire how they were able to do it. Again I ask: is that your idea of "due diligence?"

-- Ned

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