Thursday, July 7, 2011

7-7-11: fan mail, FAKE LETTER, sunflowers

Here is some fan mail about this story I have on my other blog:

To All:
The letter which Will Pflaum has just posted on the Forum WAS NOT written by me. It WILL NOT be written by me and I disavow anything contained in it.  That letter is fraudulent, misleading and attempts to create a situation where my name will be misused.
To Mr. Pflaum:
I hereby demand that you remove this letter from the Forum IMMEDIATELY and that you refrain from printing, posting or otherwise disseminating this or any similar letter in any written or spoken communication or medium.
Ron Knott, deputy supervisor of the town of Stuyvesant

To avoid confusion, I will continue to disseminate this sucker but with a lot of red lines and the word FAKE all over it to avoid confusion.

Real news in a fake form.

Family Christian Parade.

Political meeting in Chatham. Oh, its national.

Map of Hudson from 1799.

Reward for cat shooter.

Bee keeping.

Rich are getting richer? True.

Citizen science and sunflowers. Observe and report bee activity in sunflowers.

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