Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7-6-11: hello, breaking story on my other blog

Did Stuyvesant town board misappropriate funds? See my other blog for an investigation.

Did the earthquake break the reactor, not the tsunami?

Wow-- new site.

Congrats on a great site people.

Go to this? Art Omi.

I would have gone to this: balloons over the Hudson. Wait, I saw this was coming in a tweet and blogged it at the time but didn't go. My kids would have loved it.

Columbia county board of supervisors cannot be trusted to get the move to the old Walmart right. They will get it wrong again, like buying the school in Philmont, or building an empty industrial park that is poorly sited and counter productive to economic development, or a tourism campaign that will drive people away. Look at their track record. They have a hole in their roof they need to fix before they go out an buy more property.

Benefits for small town officials outweigh salaries.

Crandell theater.

Free music in Hudson.

Special prosecutors are expensive, just ask the town of Stuyvesant.

Hudson whaling history -- nice story.

Petty larceny in Claverack.

SPAC summer performance.

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