Monday, July 25, 2011

7-25-11: new news about me

I'm just a humble dog farmer. I really should not be the center of controversy. But there is this story on my other blog about me and Tal Rappleyea, the town attorney for many of the towns around here.

Shoot out leads to a death.

Play magic? Kinderhook library.

Copake friend of the farmer festival in the times union.

Gibson (congressman) talking about the debt situation.

Wonders of the Universe tomorrow... a bit far.

The Chatham Times
The Crandell Theatre won Metroland's Best of 2011 for Best Community Cinema. But of course!!

ChathamTimes The Chatham Times
Ammonia leak shuts down part of Route 66 in Greenport- A Hazmat spill shuts down part of Route 66 Saturday for...

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