Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7-4-12: driving is dangerous, thieves in government

Happy July 4, America.

Baby hit by can in Hudson:

Official gets arrested for stealing:

Motorcycle fatality:

Dumping arrest:

Drug arrest:

Some anonymous guy in Hudson mouthing off:


Ethics issues continue to swirl around Michael Grimm, Staten Island’s representative to Congress. Less than a month ago, Grimm was cited for violating House ethics rules on fundraising. Now, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office are investigating allegations that Grimm’s 2010 campaign pressured contributors to give more than the legal limit,according to a report the New York Daily News. Questions about how Grimm raised money for his first run for office arrive as he prepares to run for a second term this fall.

Tonight the Clintons sat next to our table at the Blue Plate in Chatham. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea & Marc Mezvinsky. A full Moon.
We (Claudia & I) were eating with Cheryl Roberts candidate for New York State Assembly 107th district and her daughter Emma. We all exchanged good wishes and Hillary wished Cheryl good luck in her race for assembly.

On July 4, this is nothing to be proud of:

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